‘The Red Road’ Season 2 Announced by SundanceTV

The Red Road Episode 6 Snaring of the Sun (13)

SundanceTV is two for two with their original series.

The cable channel announced the renewal of their second in-house original series, The Red Road, today, Monday, April 28th. The series stars Jason Momoa and Martin Henderson as the two men who represent the struggle between a small town and the Native American reservation that shares the community. Season two will consist of six episodes and air in 2015.

The Red Road tells the tale of a shocking conflict which plays out in a very specific place – the land that the Native Americans live on literally oozes danger,” said Sarah Barnett, SundanceTV President. “It’s a show about what happens when you try to bury the truth, and the devastating impact of that. We’re proud of this tremendously talented cast and can’t wait to see where creator Aaron Guzikowski takes this story in season two.”

Did you watch season one of The Red Road? If so will you come back for more?