Continuum Season 3 Review “Wasted Minute”


Sacrifice or betrayal? What is it that Kiera has done to Alec? That’s the question that this week’s Continuum, ‘Wasted Minute’, leaves us with, and it’s one that will probably plague our heroine for the rest of the season. Choosing between the two Alec’s was an impossible task from the beginning, and one that it was almost certain would never actually transpire on the show but, by locking future Alec away with the Freelancers before she had to kill him, Kiera might have gotten away with it.

But that’s before the plot thickened, with the Freelancers revealed to be the ones who shot her other self in the first place, and now there’s one less faction she can trust. As far as the audience can tell, she also chose the wrong Alec to take off the streets, blinded by the sting of betrayal she felt at the end of last season and unaware of the dark path the other version of her friend is currently on. There’s been no reason for her to change her mind, of course, but the way the two versions of the character are being played has made the Alec who is currently locked up my current favourite to win.

The bulk of the episode was concerned with a chemical weapon brought into being a little early by Liber8 so that they can hand out the antidote and look good to the world at large. It’s a pretty cunning plan – create chaos so that you can be the heroes – and one that seems right now to be fool-proof. No matter what Kiera and Carlos say, no one is going to believe that the same people who cure the crisis invented the crisis, just like Kiera never guessed that the same had been the case in her time. Is this going to be our main season finale threat, when it’s weaponized? We’ll have to wait and see.

There are still so many dangling threads, with Betty getting a little screen time this week but things like Julian, Kellogg and Carlos’ breakdown entirely absent. Will we be revisiting those things before the season wraps up? If the feeling towards the end of last year is anything to go by, then maybe the show is smart for streamlining some of the episodes and leaving out a few story threads from week to week. Continuum is an incredibly complicated show, and focusing in on one thing at a time creates some breathing room. Then again, that overwhelming density is why we love it, no?

What did you think of the episode? Did Kiera choose the wrong Alec? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.