The Good Wife Season 5 Review “Tying the Knot”

Much of this season of The Good Wife has been wonderful. The show really went some strides to crank up the drama. As a result, meaty episode followed meaty episode. Even when it seemed like a type of status quo was being arranged, the show upset the apple cart with Will Gardner’s shooting. It was fantastic television, and the residual ripples from the shooting are still coming. The show has been running in 5th gear for most of the season. As a great of a show as The Good Wife can be, no show can keep cranking these heavy episodes, especially with a 22 episode mandate. On occasion, it’s prudent for a show to throttle back and produce an episode that cleanses the palate before more hearty courses arrive. One of the many good things about The Good Wife is the quality of these types of episodes. The show can throttle back and go out and produce a wildly entertaining hour of dramatic television. The show did it again last night, and it used it’s deep bench to do it.

Colin Sweeney is a disgusting human being. That debate has long since ended. However, Dylan Baker’s portrayal of him is always a welcome sight on the show. His weird impulses, constant juggling of various women, and his general lack of tact make him classically entertaining. He’s a common television trope, but Dylan Baker does a great job doing it. What was surprising in this episode is Laura Benanti’s portrayal of his new bride. Her strange warmth brought a lot of energy to the episode, and her vacant eyes did a fine job of underscoring how insane this woman seemed to be. Benanti has been afraid to mix it up a bit on screen, and this version of her was quite appealing.

While Alicia’s phone calls at the beginning of the episode were used as justification for her being a troublesome witness, the scene also underscored just how busy it was. The show had so much to do, it was forced to gloss over Zack and the mysterious bong. It might be being saved for a larger picture story down the road, but in this episode it felt like one more thing for Alicia to do. The problem was Alicia had plenty to do to eat up 42 minutes of broadcast airtime. As a result, the scenes and the story as a whole felt forced.

More interesting is the endorsement of Finn Polmar for the States’ Attorney’s office. Castro deserves to get his, and I’m sure he’d like to get his wife back, but this move seems pretty dumb by the Governor of a state. I’m not sure what this says about Matthew Goode’s long term possibilities on the show, but at least we’re going to be getting a bit more of him as the weeks progress. He did a pretty solid job of putting the “priceless” look on his face while watching the speech and fielding Eli’s phone call. Hopefully he’s up for the challenge.