Wonder Con 2014: What Is Going to Happen on ‘Falling Skies’

Falling Skies

Some of the cast of Falling Skies took to the stage this past Saturday during Wonder Con 2014 in preparation for the much-anticipated fourth season premiere of the TNT series this summer.

Opening the panel was an amazing trailer for the fourth season that you will find below:

Then it was time for cast members Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes), Moon Bloodgood (Anne), Sarah Carter (Maggie) and the ever-entertaining Doug Jones (Cochise) to talk about what to expect for the fourth season, well, at least what they could share.

Moon started the conversation by sharing that her character isn’t “just a doctor anymore” and that was clearly on display in the exclusive screening of the first full scene of the premiere episode that was teased to the packed convention room. Suffice it to say, the 2nd Mass nearly make it back to Charleston when they come under attack, which has dire results, cutting all of the main characters off from one another.

And the big question after seeing that first scene is: where in the world is the Volm? Doug quickly explained that the Human’s alien counterparts have other battles to wage throughout the world. There are “imminent threats elsewhere”, but a small recon team, including his character Cochise, remained behind to watch out for the Humans – but from a distance.

Where Lourdes is concerned, she is a changed woman thanks to what Lexie (the daughter of Anne and Tom) did for her at the end of last season. Seychelle shared that her character “is very devoted to Lexie” and “doesn’t want her new ‘peace and non-harming’ (persona) to be (put into) jeopardy”. Moon also chimed in that “Lourdes is the most transformed character this season”.

The one big revelation that the cast revealed was that Lexie has, once again, gone through a transformation, growing into a strong, powerful and beautiful young adult. But with that transformation, it makes the members of the 2nd Mass unsure what to do with or about her.

With all of the characters so far from each other, being divided because of the events of the season premiere, Sarah explained that Maggie and Hal (series regular Drew Roy) are apart and she is, seemingly, trapped in a place where she doesn’t have access to weapons. She further shared that Maggie still “doesn’t trust anyone” and while Sarah couldn’t elaborate too much, Maggie will be in a love triangle that will, more than likely, really surprise the viewers.

The conversation then shifted to the new faces who will be seen in the show, including Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, who will have a recurring role in the show. She will, in fact, play “a sort of love interest for John Pope (series regular Colin Cunningham); probably the only person “to make Pope vulnerable”. Also, Scarlett Bryne (who played Pansy Parkinson in the latter Harry Potter films) will take over the role of Lexie and actor Treva Etienne will be a new engineer they find along the way.

To find out for yourself what happens to the 2nd Mass and what changes are on the way for ‘Falling Skies’, make sure to watch the fourth season premiere on TNT on Sunday, June 22 at 10/9c.