Warehouse 13 Season 5 Review “Secret Services”

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 2 Secret Services (5)

Last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 made me nervous. Very nervous. I am worried that they are going to try and put Pete and Myka together romantically before the end of the series. I hope that this is not the case. The two have always had a sibling-type relationship and it would be uncomfortable if it strayed into new territory. The potential was heavy-handedly presented this week when they met up with another pair of Secret Service agents who confessed to falling in love with each other after being partners for years. No. No. No.

Before I circle back to Pete and Myka, let’s take a look at Claudia’s journey through Artie’s memories. With the help of artifact baby shoes, they are able to go back into Artie’s mind so Claudia can learn more about her sister. What she witnesses is tragic. Claudia watches as Claire kills their parents under an artifact-induced rage. It would have been better for Claudia not to see this. It’s interesting the way that they are setting up Claire’s character. She’s not inherently evil – she was completely normal until she came into contact with an artifact music box. But, she’s also so dangerous that she needs to be controlled.

Because the music box was destroyed, they can’t neutralize its power over Claire, so she is essentially stuck. The solution of the Regents is to put Claire in a coma. Artie describes it as the most humane thing they could have done. It’s shocking to see her stretched out on the table and imagine how many years she’s been like that, but Artie probably is right. They couldn’t bronze her since she would be awake and tormented. They couldn’t kill her. Door number 3 – coma.

Claudia is obsessed with going into Claire’s memory to see who was responsible for destroying the music box. Claudia worries that it’s her fault that Claire is stuck. Turns out, Claire tossed the box into the flames. During the process of shifting through these memories, Claire becomes agitated. Claudia interprets this as Claire trying to show her that she is not to blame. I don’t know about that. It looks like Claudia is going to try and free her sister, which is great so long as she finds the cure before taking her out of the coma. Often times, though, Claudia is rash and things take a turn for the worse.

Back to Pete and Myka. The awkwardness starts at the beginning of the episode with Mrs. Frederic questioning Myka about her ability to have children. Mrs. F. was way out of line in delving into Myka’s personal business. The fact that Pete pops in and volunteers to donate sperm makes it more uncomfortable. This season, Pete looks like he’s aged a bit, so it’s believable for his character to start getting baby obsessed, even though he hasn’t shown much interest before. But, Myka has said before that Pete is her child, so why would she want another one?

I would rather the show end in one of two ways: (1) they all go off in their individual directions, or (2) they stay together as a family. That doesn’t mean we need to start coupling them up.

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