The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “A Sort of Homecoming”

Who knew that a homecoming could be so dramatic? It’s kind of exhausting. On the up side, Roger’s back. On the downside, Roger’s back. It’s kind of a mess. I have mixed feelings about this episode of The Tomorrow People because the protagonists really annoyed me. Or rather, they annoyed me more than usual. More one that later though.

I really hate being right all the time. Ok. No I don’t. But I really hate that I was right about The Founder’s machine. When I first saw the machine, I figured the way that The Founder was planning to make the tomorrow people refuge was to figure out how to kill humans. That’s what the machine does, and that’s why he needs someone who can freeze time. Apparently, when time is frozen it allows tomorrow people to be able to kill humans because they’re not actually alive. Just as an aside, there’s a giant flaw there. The people are still very much alive, they are just frozen in that moment in time. It defies the logic of the show to say that they’re basically dead when time stops. At any rate, we’ll just roll with it. After Roger, Stephen and the bunch saw what The Founder’s machine was really built to do, Stephen and Roger decided they had to destroy it. John and Cara thought the mission was too dangerous because The Founder would still be able to snatch Roger up, but Roger explained that he couldn’t let The Founder kill all those innocent people. He and Stephen went to destroy the machine not knowing it was a trap. John stopped Roger from completing his mission, but John got caught in the process.

Sometimes it amazes me how completely selfish people can be. Roger finally woke up, and everyone was so relieved. Naturally, Roger wanted to go spend some time with his family, but Cara told him that she was in charge now and she couldn’t let him leave. Where do the tomorrow people get off? I mean, I understand that they’ve been waiting on him to come back to lead them to their promised land. I understand that they want the war to be over and just live in peace. But at the same time, this man has been gone from his family for 6 years. He’s been back for all of 5 minutes and these people want him to what? Pretend like he doesn’t have a family? Put their desires above his family? I mean, Roger never even got a chance to get to know his youngest son before he sacrificed everything for the tomorrow people, and they want to deny him a couple of hours to go spend with his wife and children? I was just too done when they started hollering about him abandoning them. You’ve been waiting for 6 years. I don’t think another couple of hours is going to kill you while the man reconnects with his family. It was the epitome of selfishness and a real turnoff. Also, when did the tomorrow people become so cavalier about human lives? I know that Ultra has been hunting them and trying to kill them, but humans haven’t done anything to hurt them. Why do they care so little about all the innocent people that would most certainly be killed if The Founder is successful? Didn’t these people have families and friends before they broke out? Don’t they care about them at all? When did the tomorrow people lose their humanity to the point that they can have such reckless disregard for life? If that’s the kind of world that they want to create, then I would rather not live in it.

John didn’t want Roger to leave, but I can understand John’s attitude much more than the others. For 6 years, John has carried around the weight of believing that he killed Roger. He never forgave himself for that and he never forgave himself for lying to everyone about Roger being alive. When Roger woke up and wasn’t furious with John, he didn’t know how to respond. He wanted Roger to lash out at him. He wanted, no, needed Roger to hate him and beat him down. I gotta go with Roger on this one though. It wasn’t John’s fault. He was being used by Jedikiah and he didn’t even know it. John needs to let the guilt go. He has been forgiven and he needs to accept the forgiveness that has been offered. He also needs to forgive himself. I don’t know what The Founder did to John after he was captured, but it didn’t look good. I couldn’t tell whether he injected him with that so-called tracker or whether he stripped him of his powers. Whatever it was, it looked painful and it looks like John would just rather die. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

God help me, I’m starting to trust Jedikiah. Jed wasn’t there when Roger woke up because he was too ashamed. Roger found him in a bar drowning his sorrows in whiskey, and Roger told him that he wished Jed had been there when he woke up. Jed apologized for keeping him under so long, and Roger tried to let him off the hook but Jed didn’t want him to. He finally admitted something I’ve believed from the beginning. Jed admitted that he liked it when Roger was in cryostasis because for once he (Jed) was the more powerful brother. I’ve always had a feeling that Jed was jealous of Roger’s abilities, and whatever was going on with him ran much deeper than just wanting to understand what makes the tomorrow people tick. I didn’t figure that Jed was hiding Roger’s body and so forth, but I did figure on the jealously. However, it seems that his jealousy is overshadowed by his love. He’s given up everything and risked his life to bring Roger back. He’s sacrificed everything that made him powerful so he could save his brother. He’s decided to fight as his brother’s side in the war. If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. I really, really, REALLY hope that Jed doesn’t decide to stab Roger in the back. Just as an aside, what happened to Morgan? She told Jedikiah that she’s pregnant, but now she seems to have just disappeared. Is that a plot thread they plan to just leave hanging until next season, or is it something they’ve actually forgotten about? I hate when the powers that be just leave stuff like that hanging without providing some sort of explanation.

All in all, this was a pretty decent episode. The tomorrow people and Luca were a bit too whiny for my taste, but the ending sort of made up for all the whining. I should probably feel sorry for Hillary or feel like she redeemed herself, but I don’t. She was a manipulative jerk who used Stephen’s naivete and heart against him. I will give her that once she realized what she had done, she tried to make it right by taking out The Founder. I don’t think she succeeded though. I think he probably teleported out before the bomb went off. I guess we’ll see. I also don’t feel sorry for those tomorrow people who decided to jump ship when Roger didn’t abandon his family to lead them to a promised land that doesn’t exist. They deserve whatever comes to them. Except Russell. I hope they figure out a way to save him because he was only trying to protect the others. Next week is the season finale, and it looks like everything comes to a head. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?