‘Star-Crossed’ (Season 1): What Will Castor Do Next?

"Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars"

Since Castor (recurring guest star Johnathon Schaech), the uncle of Roman (series lead Matt Lanter), was introduced on the new CW series Star-Crossed in episode 3 there has been a question as to his intentions. That doubt was laid out by Roman himself based on the fact that his late father Nox (guest star Jason Douglas) didn’t trust his own sibling.

During the course of the next several episodes, however, Castor seemed to prove his claim that he had changed – he was, at one point in time, a Trag (the Atrian extremist group), which put him at odds with his brother. And given the fact that Roman wasn’t quite ready to take over the leadership role left vacant but his recently deceased father, Castor was the next likely substitute.

Despite his doubts, Roman began to trust his uncle, putting a lot of faith into a man who he had known very little because of the rift between his father and uncle. But Castor has seemingly proven himself to Roman, as the leader of the Atrians. That is until Drake’s (series regular Greg Finley) mother Saroya (recurring guest star Louise Lombard) was released from “The Crate”, the Atrian prison where she had been held for years.

Upon her release, she immediately leaves the Atrian version of a black box outside Roman’s home in order for Nox to see what really caused their spaceship to crash land on Earth. As it turns out, Castor shot the pilot, causing the crash. At first, Roman didn’t want to believe that his uncle would be the real cause behind their crash ten years earlier, but when the truth couldn’t be hidden any longer, he came clean.

Roman quickly realized that his uncle isn’t the man he came to believe he had changed into and was still the man Roman’s father believed him to be. And, of course, when Roman confronted his uncle with the truth, he and Drake – who stepped in to help his best friend – were nearly taken out by Castor’s army of men.

Castor hasn’t stopped there: he is now going after Roman by revealing that his nephew is in a relationship with a human: Emery (series lead Aimee Teegarden), the girl who saved Roman’s life on arrival day (the day their spaceship crash-landed on Earth).

What do you think Castor will do next? How much more trouble will he cause for Roman and Emery (even if the couple is currently not together given the break-up scene in last night’s episode)? Please share your thoughts on Castor in the comments section below.

The next new episode of the debut season of ‘Star-Crossed’ will air on The CW on Monday, April 28 at 8/7c.