Exclusive ‘The Originals’ (The CW) Interview: Chase Coleman On Playing Oliver, Why He’s Glad He Didn’t Cut His Hair and More

Chase Coleman’s werewolf Oliver has been stirring up trouble on The Originals since he arrived on the scene to lure fan favorite Rebekah into a trap. Since then, Oliver has made a mark for himself among the pack as the werewolf with uncertain motives. The character has caught the attention of fans, as has Coleman.

Recently, TV Equals had a chance to chat with Coleman about what he enjoys the most about getting to channel his southern roots while playing Oliver, why he is glad he didn’t go through with cutting his hair before his audition and much more, including a few teasers about what fans can expect as The Originals heads towards its first season finale.

TV Equals: Last week was amazing, but it seems like after that massacre the peace between the vampires, witches and werewolves is off the table. What can we expect this week?

Chase Coleman: As I have been saying before in some of my Tweets, you can definitely sense a war brewing. Obviously, the vampires are lashing out at the witches and they are lashing out at Elijah and the peace treaty– I’m sure that things are not going to go very well for everybody. There’s just too much arrogance, too much pride involved in these old, old traditional groups that are wanting to control this city. I think we are going to see a lot of major, major stuff go down in the next few episodes.

TV Equals: What role will Oliver play moving forward?

Chase Coleman: He’s not so sure about Hayley, so we are going to see what happens with that. He’s not so sure about Klaus even though he does want the rings, he does want the wolves to retake control. So, I’m thinking we are going to see Oliver and his particular viewpoints that we have only gotten a litte taste of. I think we might eventually see those bubble up in the next few episodes.

We are going to see how he really feels and the kinds of actions he is going to take, and the right way he feels things should be. We’re going to have to see. Oliver does not necessarily agree with the moves being made here. So maybe we are going to see some rifts here and there, I guess we’re just going to have to tune in and find out.

TV Equals: There seems to be a bit of tension between Oliver and Hayley. How do you see their dynamic?

Chase Coleman: It’s funny because as Jackson has revealed to Hayley, she is of the royal bloodline. They were betrothed when they were much younger, and I don’t think Oliver necessarily agrees with all that. I think he believes she is a “false prophet.” I think that he thinks she doesn’t have the best interests, or has what it takes to allow the wolves to take back what they once had and what was once theirs.

But I don’t think he is one hundred percent sure yet. I don’t think he is going to make any major decisions against Hayley at any point, but I don’t really know. He could. I think it’s a good idea to remember about Oliver right now is that he is very passionate and he believes very strongly in what he believes in. I think anything could happen.

TV Equals: What has been the most challenging or rewarding part of being a part of The Originals for you personally?

Chase Coleman: Oh man, every time I get on set it’s like a family. I love being there, I love working with every single person. I have never had one bad experience, I’ve never had one person who has not been a good time to work with. Everyone is very accepting, embracing and just professional while having a good time and that is like the ultimate work place that I want to be in. I literally never want to go home. A lot of times I will just hang out and watch other scenes film when I’m done. It’s fantastic and I hope I have a great future there and that I get to keep coming around for a long time.

TV Equals: The Originals is huge on social media and I was wondering, after your first appearance and what happened between you and Rebekah, did you face any backlash from the fans?

Chase Coleman: Oh yeah. I got quite a few comments saying they wished she had ripped me limb from limb and this or that. When that happened and it was going down, I was kind of fearful as well, like damn, I’ve pissed off the wrong vampire.
I don’t necessarily know if that is done yet. Rebekah might still be coming around and we have not come across each other’s paths just yet, so maybe something will go down.

TV Equals: What do you enjoy most about playing Oliver?

Chase Coleman: It’s funny, because you know the part of Oliver, all of my friends were saying “Oh my God, this is perfect for you” and right before I went in to read for the part I was on the fence about cutting my hair. I was getting ready to change my look because I tend to go through those phases throughout my career. This was one of those phases and I like my long hair, and everyone’s comments on my long hair, and right away when they offered it to me, they were like don’t cut your hair, don’t shave.

I think it’s perfect for me as an actor because I get to embrace my long hair and I get to be the big, grizzled, bearded country guy from Louisiana. I’m from Louisiana so I get to embrace those roots of mine and bring them to my character. I get to bring the badass rebel guy to this character. I get to literally bring a lot of Chase to Oliver. I feel it is the absolute perfect character for me in the sense that I can embrace so much of myself while going further and doing things Chase wouldn’t necessarily do.

TV Equals: Can you give us any hints about the season finale?

Chase Coleman: I think the best thing I can tell you in that regard is that you have some amazingly, awesome action-packed stuff on the way. It’s obvious all three of these tribes, these groups are coming to a head. People can’t get along, they have too much pride, as I said before, and as we saw in the last episode the vampires set a trap for the witches, hoping the vampires would lose control and attack everyone. You know, they want this not to work. They want this to fail. I think all three groups have issues with this treaty and with who is going to control New Orleans. I think we can safely say we have some major, major stuff that is going to occur in the next few episodes.

TV Equals: If you weren’t playing a werewolf would you rather play a vampire or a witch?

Chase Coleman: Ooh, that’s a tough question. I would rather be a hybrid. Can I answer that one? I would rather be a hybrid or a vampire if I had to choose. The wolves and vampires are just so different. They are so cool and they have their own unique individual things about them that are so cool. Then again, I think I am happy as a werewolf because that is the one group I always wanted to be when I was a kid growing up. I’m happy with what I got.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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