Castle Season 6 Review “That 70’s Show”

Castle Season 6 Episode 20 That '70s Show (8)In a truly epic, if a bit unbelievable, episode of “Castle,” the gang went full-on retro in the aptly-titled, if a bit on the nose, “That 70’s Show.” I mean, honestly, what fan of this show could possibly argue with Beckett in bell-bottoms, and- be still my heart- Lanie done up like Pam Grier, circa “Foxy Brown.” (I’m fairly certain she quoted her, too.) Yep, this was pure win, as ridiculous as the plotting was.

To wit, a body was found in the cement belonging to a long-suspected dead mob boss, but which of his hangers-on did it? Naturally, the suspects had names like Mickey the Blade and Louie the Lip, but the case mostly hinged on dead man Vince Bianchi’s most-trusted adviser and consigliore, Harold Leone, who was quite literally stuck in the 70’s, as in he believed it still was the 70’s and would flip out if you tried to tell him otherwise.

So, naturally, Castle suggested everyone make like it really was the 70’s and even went so far as to have the precinct decked out as if it still were, as you naturally do in situations like this. Oh, wait, I forgot. There are no situations like this in real life. If you could get past that, though, this episode was pure win, and I can’t imagine anyone wasn’t onboard by the time Ryan & Esposito made like “Starsky & Hutch” (thanks, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, or I wouldn’t have had a clue who that was), donning hilariously fake wigs and moustaches, as the brilliantly-named Snookie Watts and Ray Price. Cue “Ah, Snookie, Snookie now!” joke…

Right off the jump this episode was fun, with Castle and Beckett lamenting the grandiose plans of his mother, which included the likes of a “Nikki Heat ice sculpture, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Blue Angels flying overhead.” LOL. Hey, at least she got to get her ya-ya’s out as the person in charge of coordinating the 70’s makeover for the precinct.

Loved Castle’s wry assessment of Vince’s corpse: “A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.” Harold’s digs were suitably 70’s-tastic, as were his cheese-a-rific pick-up lines. On Beckett: “Have you ever seen a cop with an ass so fine? If this is women’s lib, I’m all for it.” To a rando at the disco: “That’s a nice dress. Can I talk you out of it?” And best of all, this exchange between him and Lanie: “Come on baby, once you go white, nothing else seems right.” Lanie, without missing a beat: “I’d rather be dead than to end up in your bed.” Where’s Dolemite when you need him?

I mean, hell, they even got the Captain- Gates, not “Captain Castle,” that is, though he put on his Travolta best at the end, too- to put on her boogie shoes and dance the night away to Donna Summer at the end. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is. The twist with Donald and Vince turning out to be gay and the murderer being his jilted beard was somewhat inspired, even if I figured it out the minute Donald admitted he was gay.

So, this was classic “Castle” all the way, more than making up for the ludicrous plot with one hilarious scene after another. The 70’s stuff was so priceless, I almost wish the show itself could be set then, though look where that got us with “Life on Mars.” (Not far, as the show only lasted a season- which is not to say I didn’t enjoy it while it lasted.) Still, for what it was, this was a lot of fun, and definitely one for the vaults. Consider yourself fully redeemed for a slow start, “Castle.”

What did you think of “Castle” this week? Did I leave out any of your favorite moments? (I also liked Castle’s reaction to his daughter’s duds and the scene with the actor who called him the “fuzz,” who turned out to have written the “script” for the scene at hand.) How about quotes? (There was also something about “hunting down stone cold foxes” or something like that, that made me laugh.) Only a few more episodes left, but if they keep it up, they’ll be going out on a strong note, to be sure. Put your sweet-talking comments down below and I’ll see you next episode, jive turkeys!