Turn Season 1 Review “Of Cabbage and Kings”

Turn Episode 3 Of Cabbage and Kings (2)

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room regarding “Of Cabbages and Kings.” That was some bad CGI with Caleb on the boat at the end of the episode. Like sitcom bad. Or Once Upon a Time bad. I’m honestly surprised AMC would allow that to even air. I guess they figured everyone was watching Game of Thrones instead? Turn, if you want to be considered a legitimate show I better not see anything like that ever again.

Now that I have that rant out of the way, let’s continue on. This week’s outing was automatically a duller affair due to the lack of Robert Rogers and John Andre. Rogers in particular is such a force of nature that any actions not surrounding him end up feeling small. I may have changed my mind about Jamie Bell’s Abe though. Last week I bemoaned that Abe was the type of character everything happened to versus acting as an initiator. He finally got his moment this time by making a brilliant deal with the Hessians to deliver them cabbage in Trenton, New Jersey. And his motivation is stemming from a British policy his father is going to enforce- specifically divvying up Anna Strong’s land now that her husband is away in prison. You could see the wheels spinning in Abe’s mind as he tasted the Sauerkraut and questioned the two Hessians about why they were drilling so close to winter. Even better was the twinkle in his eye when they divulged their location of where to deliver the cabbage. Yes, a participatory Abe is much more intriguing than hesitant one.

Granted, Abe is especially willing to spy now that he believes Captain Simcoe dead. Anna Strong has shown in many ways already her resolve to aid in the Revolution and this now includes putting her disgust of Simcoe aside. She knows Abe well enough to realize that he’d want to deal with Simcoe first before engaging in anything else. Obviously the lie will work for now. Shit is gonna hit the fan when our favorite British officer (#sarcasmalert) makes his inevitable return to Setauket though. I characterized him as a “not stupid Joffrey” last week, but I’m seeing more similarities to Draco Malfoy now. One could argue that Draco is also a not stupid Joffrey, yet the two differ in tactics. Whereas Joffrey is wholly tactless Draco and Simcoe are slyer. They use their comments and interjections to create distrust and discord and then wait for the opportune moment to strike. Simcoe registers every word he hears to use to his advantage. He’s a smart bully, and those are the worst. Samuel Roukin is also doing a fantastic job. I want to punch that damn smug look off Simcoe’s face. No doubt Abe will when they meet again.

Notes from The Dead Letter Box:

– The two lead women on the show, Anna and Mary, finally have a scene together, and it’s about Abe sigh. Of course Mary didn’t know about Abe and Anna’s engagement.
– Poor Ben Tallmadge. First you send Caleb off to find Abe which causes your few militiamen to think Caleb’s deserting and mutiny. Then you don’t kill Newt after General Scott tells you to do so resulting in another court martial. Talk about a bad day… (though I do agree with your reason for not killing Newt)
– This episode confirmed that Abe’s brother, Thomas, is indeed dead.

Historical references:

– General Charles Scott (Michael Gaston) is Tallmadge’s superior officer. Was his name mentioned in the pilot because I have no memory of it? Scott served as a scout during the French and Indian War and is a figure during the Battle of Trenton (December 26, 1776).
– Speaking of the Battle of Trenton, it looks like that will happen this season. Scott relayed to Tallmadge that Washington was about to cross the Delaware River. And the Hessians told Abe outright they were going to be garrisoned there. Turn, if you can’t afford good CGI here then don’t show the battle at all! I’d rather just see the aftermath than be subjected to heinous work again.
– Sadly none of the Hessians here are headless or demonic a la Sleepy Hollow.

Favorite quote:

“This is New Jersey!”