Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “What Storm Is This That Blows”

What Storm Is This That Blows So

This week’s Star-Crossed returned with Roman feeling the affects of his Uncle Castor’s plan to paint him as a trader to his people because of his relationship with Emery. Julia gives her blood unwillingly, Drake tries to keep Grayson at bay and Marshall High goes on lock down due to what they believe is a hurricane.

On to the highlights:

Teri decides to drug Roman which kicks off an episode of our favorite leading male resembling a kryptonite infected Clark Kent. He’s paranoid, aggressive, impulsive and delusional. Roman suspects that Teri is after Emery – completely unaware that she has drugged him – while Drake is also suspicious of her.

Julia is forced by Ms. Bennett to give blood so that she can learn more about the abilities of cyper. She finally confesses to Emery who runs to Roman for help. The revelation makes a drugged Roman angry and he blames Emery, telling her that she is his weakness. He may be under the influence but is he letting out a little of his true feelings? He might not remember when he returns back to his usual self, but this is sure to add to the couple’s already complicated relationship.

Drake breaks it off with Taylor. Although he tells her it’s because he doesn’t want to have to go through what Emery and Roman are going through, its a sure bet Grayson’s threats are getting to him. Drake appears to have a lot more heart than he shows and his break-up seems like a plan to protect Taylor. We don’t see anymore from the couple for the rest of the episode. Hopefully there is more to the story in next week’s episode.

While all of this is going down Sophia and Lukas discover that a Trag is behind the storm. Lukas promises Sophia that he won’t say anything because it could threaten the program. Will someone else figure it out?

Teri is evil and getting Roman back is at the top of her list. She tricks Roman into thinking she is Emery. Things heat up in a closet between the two of them with Emery entering just minutes later. Is this strike #2 for the ‘Star-Crossed’ couple? In the end, Teri gets a taste of her own medicine when Ms. Bennett’s sidekick, Mr. Burke, gets her at an unsuspecting moment.

It’s Emery and Julia who help her, even after all of the trouble she caused between the group. Could Teri find herself in debt to Emery? Or will she deny that Roman’s human girlfriend helped save her life? What will Roman decide about his relationship with Emery? Are the two really over?