Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Review “The Sun and the Moon”

DaVinci's Demons 2014

Land ho! Da Vinci’s Demons “The Sun and the Moon” began with Leo and crew finally reaching the other side of the Pond. By the end of the episode he had confirmation that not only is the Book of Leaves real, but that his mother had also reached the same destination previously. The final shot looked to be of a hidden chamber that guards where the Book resides. I’m curious to see how the 2nd half of the season plays out. Will it be 5 more episodes of Da Vinci and Riario trying to best each other over who obtains the book, or will Leo require it early? Will this season be close-ended in case the show is not renewed, or is David Goyer going to have a massive cliffhanger again? I have no idea what would happen should Da Vinci bring the Book of Leaves back with him to Florence other than use it in Lucrezia’s fight to restore her father to the papacy. The papacy storyline is by far the most engaging right now and adding Da Vinci, Riario, and the Book of Leaves to all that crazy would make a bonkers Season 3.

Before that can happen though Leo needs to discover the act of harvesting corn first. I shamefully have to admit I didn’t think of putting all three items together in the sacrifice ceremony. I just kept screaming ‘corn’ at the TV as if I was the Old Bear’s crow from Game of Thrones. It was a wonderfully executed scene even though you knew the two captains would die and Da Vinci and Zo would make it out alive. Getting your head bashed in by a corn plough does not look like the best way to go out though yikes. Tom Riley also continues to amaze. It seems too easy that anyone foreign would realize the plough, water, and corn seeds are used to make life and sustain life, but the use of Da Vinci’s deduction and observation makes the impossible seem plausible. This extends to his quick understanding of the language as well. Leonardo da Vinci was the original ‘Renaissance man’ and Riley’s performance is imbued with that quality: his astonishment of the new flora and fauna he’s encountering, this new culture (of which he is the only one to call civilized), and most importantly, his utter excitement and relief in learning the Book of Leaves is real from Ima. Everything about him is chaotic, frantic, and yet structured from his scientific understanding that it can advance the world he lives in for the better.

It’s also why he will always be at odds with Riario, who made a welcome appearance back at the end of the episode along with Nico and Zita. Riario may be just as structured in his faith yet his lust for knowledge is selfish. He and Da Vinci are two sides of the same coin- Ima says as much in the preview for the next episode by mentioning that their lives are intertwined. I’m looking forward to watching the two of them team up, Xavier and Magneto style, and waiting for Riario’s eventual double cross- you know it’s coming!

Yapay (remember “to add”)

– King Ferrante of Naples made up for the lack of psycho Alessandro aka fake Pope Sixtus this episode. Poor Lorenzo really walked into the lions’ den there. I don’t want to imagine what tasks Ferrante has laid out for him to pass, but it will be rewarding to see Elliot Cowan do something awesome. There is not enough of him so far this season.

– Ps Lorenzo: I don’t recommend throwing out Da Vinci’s name to anyone and everyone- our Leo likes to make numerous people angry, Duke Alfonso included. Poor Ippolita (Jeany Spark) drew the short straw in having to marry Alfonso over first love Lorenzo.

– The Sun and the Moon are Leo’s mother and the Abyssinian. We know the latter made it back across the Atlantic. If the show follows history, Leo’s mom should as well- she was alive during his adult years.

– The South America scenes were luscious and beautifully shot. And it’s a lizard, Vespucci!

– Carolina Guerra as Ima gave a strong impression.

– Still no interest in Clarice’s story. The banker Portinari was ousted giving Clarice and Carlo full control over Florence’s banking. Oh and Clarice and Carlo had sex and Vanessa caught them and Carlo saw that she caught them. On the bright side, an Andrea sighting!

– The timelines still feel wacky. Da Vinci’s and the Florence bits may match, but I don’t see how Lorenzo’s does. No way has he been in Milan that long.

Quote of the episode:

“Maybe I’ll name this whole fucking place after myself! Vespuccia!” You do that Amerigo, you do that!