Community Season 5 Finale “Basic Sandwich” Review

After a few re-watches, I’m still now sure how I feel about the season finale of Community. I will say, however, that I appreciate the very different direction the show took in closing out season 5 then it did in season 4. In season 4, the showrunners opted to write a finale that could have served as a series finale in which we saw Jeff and Pierce graduate from Greendale. This season, the show decided to embrace the elephant in the room – it’s uncertain future – and use that to create a two-part finale full of meta and fan service. Although it wasn’t my favorite episode, the approach felt much truer to the Community we’ve come to know and love over five seasons.

In order to save Greendale from becoming completely absorbed by Subway, the gang sets out on a treasure hunt and find a millionaire recluse who probably has not bathed since the 1970s. The story felt like the life of a Community fan waiting to learn the show’s fate. The rumors begin to run rampant and just when you get a little hope, another false report or bit of speculation arrives and snatches away your hope – much like Carl, Eric and Chang and Borcher’s millions. I suppose we can take hope in the fact that thanks to Jeff’s contract reading skills, the gang saved Greendale.

This particular line from Dean Pelton “well around here, we call that Wednesday” – was quite fitting. Indeed, Community fans have endured numerous seasons of having to fight for the show’s renewal and will likely never know what its like to feel secure about the show’s prospects. Case in point – NBC could renew the show and then decide not to air new episodes until early 2015. For the dedicated fans, however, none of that matters because they will be watching whenever NBC gets around to airing it.

Other thoughts and observations . . .

– Loved how the show poked fun at NBC in the closing tag.

– I’m glad that Duncan and Buzz were there for the journey right until the very end.

– If the show returns, I’d like to see Chang committed to an institution. I simply cannot take any more good Chang/evil Chang.

– Annie was totally going in for a kiss with Abed. Also, I completely forgot that Abed had a girlfriend.

Overall, “Basic Sandwich” was a fun, lighthearted ending to a solid Community season. I’d like to see the show renewed. If it doesn’t get renewed, at least we know its because Greendale was destroyed by a meteor. So there’s that. What did you think of the finale? Are you hoping NBC will allow the show to get even closer to #sixseasonsandamovie? Sound off below!