Warehouse 13 Season 5 Review “Endless Terror”

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 1 Endless Terror (2)

It’s definitely going to be difficult to part with Warehouse 13 when it ends its run this season. Going into this season, I felt like it might be time to wrap things up. After last night’s episode, I’ve changed my mind. I get the feeling that because it’s the end, a pressure has been lifted from the actors and writers. Everything feels more fun and it looks like the actors are enjoying every minute of their time together. Let’s save our tears for the end, and focus on the positive until then.

We start back up with Claudia doing battle against Paracelsus. She may be a little too cocky, but she gets some great one-liners, such as, “You’re wasting your time, Voldemort.” He ultimately gets the upper hand and is able to control her actions. In what can only be described as quintessential Warehouse 13 camp, Paracelsus puts on the cheesiest looking 3D glasses, that look like someone’s kid made them in preschool, to peer into Claudia’s mind. It’s great!

On the other end of town, Myka is recovered from surgery (that was fast) and Pete picks her up from the hospital. All of the previous season’s cancer drama, which had some serious flaws, is resolved by the simple explanation that they cyst is benign. Wah, wah, wahhhhh.

Pete and Myka meet Artie and Jinks outside the Warehouse, which is guarded by a protection bubble. The men all awkwardly try to ask Myka and her health, and she hilariously warns them that there will be no discussion of her “lady parts.” In typical Myka form, she explains that if they had read the manual, they’d know how to penetrate the shield. Problem solved.

Paracelsus isn’t particularly concerned by the gang’s efforts to sever him from the Warehouse. He builds himself a time portal, using various artifacts. With all of the artifacts swirling around and the calamity they cause, it made me think that it would be great to have a Warehouse 13 amusement park ride. Can’t you picture a track rambling through the Warehouse with all sorts of things popping up, the track falling down into a time portal, and a hologram Artie yelling at you to be careful?

When Paracelsus steps through the portal, the Warehouse transforms into a sleek and modern facility. Claudia starts to explain to Pete how this all happened, and he responds, “Don’t try to explain time travel – it never makes sense.” So true.

The alternate realm Warehouse has some cool new tricks. It’s got a security detail of roaming Borgs. How awesome is that? Even better, their commander is Benedict Valda. I have to be honest that it’s been so long since we’ve seen Valda, that I had to look up what his role had been. So a quick reminder for anyone with my shoddy memory – Benedict Valda was a Regent for Warehouse 2 and he sacrificed himself to help Pete, Myka, and HG Wells in their quest to save Warehouse 13. I love Mark Sheppard – he makes every performance fun.

Myka and Pete travel back in time to stop Paracelsus. They run into Lisa da Vinci, played by Once Upon A Time’s wicked Rebecca Mader. I like Mader a lot and was glad to see that she is actually on the side of the good guys. She helps them stop Paracelsus from murdering the Regents. Turns out the artifact-neutralizing purple goo has an origin – a big, hokey looking bird. It was like something out of Harry Hamlin’s Clash of the Titans. Their time in Renaissance Italy gave Pete some good jokes, and it was funny that they located Paracelsus in the Olive Garden.

In the Warehouse, Claudia tries to free Artie, who’s been captured. They leave behind Jinks to generate the electricity for the time portal by riding on a stationary bike. This scene captured the essence of what made this episode fun. They aren’t trying to take themselves seriously anymore.

There is a tender moment between Artie and Claudia before Paracelsus bursts in. I loved how Paracelsus and Claudia have a Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker type connection. Pete saves the day and gets revenge on Paracelsus by re-bronzing him. All is mostly back to normal. Valda made it through the portal, as well, unbeknownst to our heroes.

I am going to make my one and only Myka hair comment of the season. There is no reason why her hair needs to look so bad! Sigh. Even in the last season, they stubbornly reject my one request to fix her hair. I’m looking forward to the remaining episodes and hope they are as much fun as this one.

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