Bones Season 9 Review “The Cold in the Case” – Will Booth’s Past Come Back to Haunt Him?

Bones Season 9 Episode 21 The Cold in the Case (4)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Cold in the Case,” Booth wonders why the FBI is suddenly shining a spotlight on him, while Cam deals with Arastoo’s parents coming for a visit.

Wow, if this episode was any indication, some characters could be in for a lot of changes soon. Booth being asked to review other people’s work definitely sounded like it could be leading somewhere promising and I was with Sweets on his promotion theory. But when it started going in the direction of a desk job, then even farther to a possible position in Germany and finally toward Booth being asked to be a sniper again that’s when it got worrying.

It’s bad enough to think of Booth being stuck behind a desk, or heck, taking his family to Germany for a new job. But to think of him being a sniper again, knowing how much that part of his past is still affecting him, is almost too hard to bear. Of course it obvious that he will say no, but I think just being asked is going to be enough to affect him emotionally. It will no doubt stir up memories and emotions that he’s tried so hard to get past. His whole life now is so beyond that and he looks like he’s truly found happiness, I hate the idea that it could be ruined if his superiors decide they need him for a job like that again.

On a happier note, Cam meeting Arastoo’s parents started out pretty rough but I had a feeling he was over-reacting to their questions. It felt like he was having an old argument with them and I was glad to see I was right. I can believe that he was once their wild child, but I love that they see him as he is now and are proud of the man that he has become. And of course they are right that he has great taste. I didn’t necessarily think talk would immediately go to marriage but now that it has, I am totally on board. With Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Angela all happily married, I think it’s high time that Cam and Arastoo join the group. After that, I expect babies. Pronto.

My favorite bits:

The realtor lady trying to convince the couple to come back, even after the dog had delivered a dismembered body part.

“They want to meet you.”
“Okay, the way you said that sounds horrifying/”

Things going from blissful to stressful with Cam and Arastoo in a matter of seconds. Ouch.

Booth asking Hodgins to drop all the school references.

“I have a question, so why is it that the animals didn’t eat the meaty parts?” – That is a completely valid question.

A body that died at three different times? I’m intrigued.

Things going from awkward to more awkward in the lab. Loved that Bones was completely missing what was happening between Cam and Arastoo.

Hodgins trying to make Cam feel better but failing rather spectacularly when he mentioned his father-in-law knocking him out and tattooing him.

Now thinking about poor little animals’ snouts and tongues getting stuck to a frozen body. Thank, show.

“If Sweets is going over cases, too, perhaps it’s not about a promotion.”
“I’m going to pretend that wasn’t insulting.”

Arastoo asking Cam to have a little faith in him. I agree. She needs to give him a shot.

Brennan offering to uproot her life to go with Bones to Germany.

“Dr. Brennan. I’m thrilled you’re interested in our services. It would be an honor to preserve your brain.”
“I’m sure it would.”

Booth pointing out that he most certainly didn’t need to know that they preserved only heads at the facility. Me neither.

“Who licensed you guys, Frankenstein?”

“If you say ‘cool,’ you won’t have sex for, like, a year.”
“Revolting. It’s totally revolting.” – Smart man.

Cam telling Arastoo’s parents that there was so much to their life than death. So cute.

Arastoo finally standing up and going off on his parents. Yikes.

“I love her and that’s all that matters to me.”

“I believe on some level, our parents are supposed to disappoint us so we can surpass them and improve the species.”

Hodgins pointing out that unicorns actually sound dangerous. Very good point.

Cam’s little smile admitting that maybe, just maybe, Arastoo defending her against his parents was sexy.

“Crackphones” might be new favorite word.

The look on Cam’s face when she saw Arastoo’s parents on the other side of her door.

Arastoo’s parents asking him to let them be proud and happy for him.

Azita pointing out that, someplace inside, Arastoo knew that introducing Cam to his parents was on the road to marriage.

Wow, didn’t expect the show to end on such a somber note.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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