Revenge Season 3 Review “Allegiance”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 19 Allegiance (9)

It’s appropriate that this week’s Revenge opened with the characters watching a horse race. Though “Allegiance” had several strong storylines, it still feels like we’re just watching the characters run in circles until the writers decide to have something significant happen.

Though the show might be going round and round, I did enjoy the classic feel of Emily’s plot this week. Luke Gilliam may have been digitally inserted into that Grayson Global retreat photo, but there’s something very satisfying about having Emily take down a corrupt individual. Admittedly, there wasn’t anything original to the plot itself, with Emily having inflicted many a public shaming in the past. However, the reveal that Victoria had staged everything with Luke in order to confirm a hunch about Emily’s plans was a good one.

My favorite arc, though, was seeing Aiden and Nolan working to find out more information on what happened to Aiden’s father. Though they didn’t really find out any new info, other than that Aiden’s father was definitely murdered, it was just fun to see these two share the screen. They had an almost buddy cop nature to their interplay here, which reminded me of the humorous time they spent as unlikely roommates earlier this season. Nolan trying to give Aiden a hug was one of the funnier moments the show has had in a while. This arc also ended with Pascal committing a cold-blooded murder, proving he’s an even deadly threat than he might’ve originally seemed.

I guess Javier is around just to provide a reason for Nolan to go to war with Daniel, which at least keeps the focus on our main characters. I honestly do wish the show would make Javier a likable character instead of living plot device. Still, I’m glad the show is giving Nolan more to do, as he’s spent the majority of the season as either a jokey sidekick or trapped up in an awkward triangle with Victoria and Patrick. On the downside, Daniel’s actions seem to finally torn Jack and Margaux apart, which still feels like a lazy, unearned development.

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