Continuum Season 3 Review “30 Minutes to Air”

Warning: This review contains spoilers.


Quite understandably, we’ve been most focused on the central trio of Kiera, Carlos and Alec on this season of Continuum but, in this episode, ’20 Minutes to Air’, it was the chance to get to know two minor characters – Dillon and Travis. Both stories were about fathers and daughters, with the latter both making huge sacrifices in the name of patriotism whether willingly or not, and Dillon’s plot in particular spells an unhappy ending for the character come season three’s finale.

The bulk of the episode as taken up by a hostage plot by Travis on the TV station we glimpsed last week. Flying in the face of everything Liber8 stands for but posing as an external commentary of the problem, Travis used the crisis to point out the hypocrisy in our media. As much as Continuum manages to be smart and savvy on a weekly basis, this episode rang particularly true in light of recent scandals do to with news media, and that type of writing really lends a certain degree of realism to this show that’s much appreciated.

But the two most interesting things that have so far developed this season are Carlos’ veiled breakdown and Alec’s dual identities. The former didn’t get much direct air time this week, with Carlos even lending a certain amount of warmth and renewed trust to our future-day Kiera, but the latter was a big part of the B-plot. I think at the beginning of the season, both the audience and Kiera assumed that the Alec who had betrayed her and jumped back into the past was going to be the one she had to take down, but it’s clear now that we might have been wrong.

Everything from the way he’s dressed to the way he treated Kellogg in this episode suggests that present-day Alec is the one we need to be watching closely and, given that the only difference between these two versions of the character is circumstance, it’s interesting to see how ugly an Alec who isn’t on a winning streak can look. How long before both versions of Kiera’s friend need to be taken down a peg or two? Alec’s ability to turn into the villain of the story was always an intriguing part of Continuum, but this season has kicked it up a gear. I just hope the show remembers Kiera’s mission in the coming weeks.

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