Parenthood Season 5 “I’m Still Here” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 21 I'm Still Here (8)
Last night’s episode of Parenthood just about depleted my ample supply of tissues.

What an excellent episode for Monica Potter. Kristina’s goodbye to Gwen was beautifully done, as was the scene with Adam when she shared that Gwen had passed away. I had managed to hold back the tears and then Kristina got the card/donation from Gwen. My reaction:

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This was Monica Potter’s episode, but a well-deserved honorable mention goes to Mae Whitman. The way she fell to the ground when she got the call about Ryan was so painful, yet so perfect. I wish Amber could have consistent happiness in her life, but I get why the Parenthood writers put the character through the emotional wringer every 3-4 episodes. It’s all Mae Whitman’s fault! She’s so freaking good at the tears and the pain. When the series comes to a close, I’d love to see Whitman do something comedic or something in which she can portray a happy character.

Joel and Julia are talking. At this point, I’m invested in Joel and Victor, so I’m all for whatever makes them happy. It’s difficult to find any satisfaction in this storyline because we know that Joel will find out that Julia slept with Evan. And although they are separated, I think Joel would be absolutely justified in his anger at that revelation. This mess started with Julia kissing another man. Can you imagine what Joel will think once he finds out that Julia had sex with someone and it wasn’t even the guy she kissed? When his very attractive business partner admits that she wants his goodies what does Joel do? Bonds with his brother-in-law and opens up to his wife. I am forever Team Joel.

Drew and Natalie are official.

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Despite the stuff with Drew that I’d love to forget, I thought this week’s episode of Parenthood was great due to the standout performances by Monica Potter and Mae Whitman. Admittedly, I’m no fan of Hank and Sarah together, but I did find his determination not to move and awaken Amber at the hospital to be absolutely adorable. It doesn’t, however, change my stance on the Hank/Sarah relationship. The Joel/Crosby scenes were a nice touch of levity in an episode full of somber moments.

Other thoughts:

Will we ever be done with Bob Little? Sheesh.

Sarah made a great point regarding Kristina and Adam hiring hot people to help them out with Max.

Sarah – juicing and cupcakes should never be combined. I hope those aren’t a real thing.

Was Drew listening to ocean sounds while studying? How soothing. I would surely go to sleep and wake up with my face in the book.

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