Community Season 5 “Basic Story” Review

Community Season 5 Episode 12 Basic Story (2)
The first half of the Community two-part finale was a funny, meta-filled love letter to the show’s fans. Despite all of the shenanigans, concept episodes and an animated trip inside Jeff’s mind, the group has managed to improve things at Greendale. As Abed noted, however, this realization was the calm before the storm.

Community, like Greendale, is a crazy place where crazy things happen. Not many shows have a history in which its creator/show runner is fired and then re-hired. Not many shows have had a controversial season that is currently referred to as the “gas leak” season. Thanks to social media and a few behind the scenes revelations, the hijinks on the set have at times been as entertaining as the scripted show. As Abed observed about Greendale, there seems to always be a story going on at Community.

I started watching the show in real time at the start of season 3 after binge watching the first two seasons. Since watching the show, it’s always been a fan favorite, but its future has always been uncertain. Thanks to a very passionate fan base, the reality of six seasons and a movie is closer to reality. The episode made me wonder what life would be like if Community was a show that got full network support, promotion and commitment. Are we, as Community fans, addicted to crisis? Did NBC’s decision to renew Community make it a viable investment for Sony and the network? Sony will enjoy the monetary benefits from syndication and if NBC doesn’t renew the show, the network might try to pull an ABC/TBS Cougartown-like deal. I couldn’t help but get a laugh at the idea of the Sony/NBC execs being portrayed on last night’s episode as the drunken guys who nearly allowed Chang to destroy Greendale.

In a nod to the fans, Annie pushed the group to mobilize and save Community Greendale, complete with a plan for Twitter hash mobs, which is directly out of the Communie handbook. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if the gang’s efforts are successful, but I loved that the writers acknowledged the stress and anxiety Community fans experience during this time of year as they monitor ratings and anxiously await the network’s decision on renewal.

A few of my favorite moments . . .

– Abed mocking Shirley. Pudi nailed that impression.

– The Dean accidentally turning on the PA system and then deciding to just roll with it.

– “The most boring thing to happen since Britta dated Troy.” Ouch!

– More Dave Matthews!

– The image of Dean Pelton in his briefs, crying uncontrollably and screaming will be with me forever. I need that gif!

– Greendale had a march to end segregation in 1987. Let that sink in.

– How does one have sex with a computer? I probably don’t want to know.

– Label makers are awesome.

– I kinda wanted Buzz to be Duncan’s dad.

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