The 100 Season 1 Review “Murphy’s Law”

The 100 continues to pull no punches with “Murphy’s Law.” After last week’s surprising ending, the struggles for the tribe only got worse as Wells’ murder caused major turmoil. Of course, that turmoil made for another stellar episode from this young series.

Right off the bat, this episode ramped up the intensity, while also showing that Clarke isn’t incapable of making bad decisions. She wanted to punish Murphy when she suspected him, but bringing it to the group attention led to brutal lynching scene. Having everyone chant “float him” when they’re earthbound was a little silly, but this was an effective way to start an episode dedicated to showing that this show will continue to delve into darker material.

Murphy was spared once Charlotte confessed, and this was a development I loved to see. Charlotte’s guilt over killing Wells is an arc that could’ve played out over several episodes, if not the whole season. The same can be said for Abigail and Raven’s attempt to launch a pod. Instead of dragging it out, though, this episode kept the show’s momentum going, culminating in the pod’s launch and Charlotte’s leap. It’s nice to have a show that refuses to sit on cool storylines and instead chooses to always move forward.

Obviously, until we see a body, it’s always possible that Charlotte is still alive, but her death wasn’t really the point of this episode. Instead, this whole arc served to show both Clarke and Bellamy that the two extremes they want to take the group to simply aren’t feasible. For Bellamy, he quickly saw the danger of letting everyone do whatever they want when he got a piece of firewood to the back of his head.

As for Clarke, this episode’s events made her question her entire worldview. In the short term, talking with Charlotte made her realize how cruel it was to make her mother think she was dead, a decision she’ll get more fallout from when Raven lands next week. By the end, she also decided that the truth can be a dangerous thing, with the events of the episode showing her what might’ve happened had she succeeded in telling the citizens of the Ark about the oxygen issue.

There were a couple of smaller arcs worth mentioning this week. The short time jump allowed us to see that Jasper is back on his feet, but lacking the confidence he had in the pilot. It makes sense that he would be so nervous given what happened to him, and it definitely helps to make him a more interesting character beyond just wearing goggles. Up on the Ark, we got a better sense of the criminal underground. This wasn’t too big a part of the episode, but hearing that trading sex for goods is a common practice gives a sense of how desperate things are in space.

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