Saint George (FX) Episode 6 “Carry On Wayward Son”

Saint George (FX) Episode 6 Carry On Wayward Son (3)
Saint George Episode 6 “Carry On Wayward Son” airs Thursday, April 10 at 9PM on FX.

Episode Synopsis: Saint George (FX) Episode 6 “Carry On Wayward Son”- Alma falls, and George has to become nursemaid to the patient from hell.

Show Summary: Saint George is a half-hour, multi-camera ensemble comedy that follows the chaotic life of “George Lopez,” a recently divorced working-class Mexican-American turned successful entrepreneur caught between two cultures. He struggles to balance the parenting demands of his All-American Anglo ex-wife, “Mackenzie,” and the cultural expectations of his overbearing Mexican-American mother, “Alma.” As George attempts to relate to his 11-year-old son, “Harper,” his life is further complicated by his fun-loving but freeloading uncle “Tio” and cousin “Junior.” As a wealthy businessman, George also gives back by teaching history to a multi-cultural classroom at a night school in downtown Los Angeles, where he’s supervised by tough and sexy Assistant Principal “Concepcion.” Ultimately, Saint George is a celebration of a multi-generational family that humorously wrestles with cultural differences.

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