Survivor: Season 23 Review “Mad Treasure Hunt”

After one of the craziest tribal councils last week, Survivor returned tonight with “Mad Treasure Hunt”, as the newly formed Solarrion tribe deals with the aftermath of Chaos Kass’ decision in the last installment.

We expected Kass’ old tribe to be pretty upset, and I actually thought that Spencer and everybody else acted pretty reasonably all things considered. What really bothered me was how Kass reacted, making it sound like she’s God’s gift to Survivor and that this was the smartest move in history. All she really did was just flip and put herself squarely on the bottom of another totem pole. It especially bothered me when she started saying that her move was a “Triple play”, as it also outed two idols held by two powerful players. She had no idea that was going to happen! That was just an overly cautious move that those guys made, and it all just happened to fall in her favor. I still think she has zero chance in winning.

The Outback Steakhouse sponsored reward challenge was a really cool one, with the orange team making an impressive come-from-behind victory. While the reward was fun to watch, the post reward madness was the real treat! It was a little odd to me that only one of the napkins had an idol clue in it, but I guess they had no idea of who would choose to sit there. The hostess did tell everyone to sit wherever they want, after all! Anyway, the titular “Mad Treasure Hunt” to find the idol was a lot of fun. You couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Spencer when Woo took off with his clue, but then I was quickly so vindicated when he was able to find the idol, and right in front of Kass! Especially with Kass saying that Spencer losing the idol clue was karma after how he acted last night. Are you kidding me?! Maybe it’s karma that Spencer was able to pull out an idol right in front of you while you were supposed to be watching him! Anyway, these kinds of mad dashes for hidden idols rarely happen, and I honestly wish they happened more often. I was a bit bummed that the idol that he found wasn’t one of the new fancy ones, because I really want to know what that fancy idol does!

Despite not finding the super idol, this really was Spencer’s episode, as he also ended up winning the individual immunity challenge. He then decided to go back to Kass and try to get her to flip back to his side, but she wasn’t having it. She again votes with her prejudices and takes out the person that she didn’t like personally, instead of voting out the biggest competitor.

So the cuteness quotient of the tribe has definitely gone down, but now that we’ve whittled it down to only the most serious competitors, I have a feeling that things are about to get pretty crazy! Don’t forget to watch the Ponderosa videos on to see Sarah and Morgan hanging out, and I’ll see you guys next week!

Random Thoughts:

– I normally don’t mind the Outback Steakhouse product placement, but hearing Jeff enthusiastically describe the grilled Pineapplerita was a little too much.

– So you can say “pissed off” but you can’t say “pissed on”? That’s an odd rule.

– I know this is an odd complaint, but I don’t like the gray text at the bottom for the new Solarrion tribe. I find it much harder to read than the brightly colored text that they usually have.