Online Series ‘Backpackers’ Receives 10-Episode Order from The CW


Last year The CW launched CW Seed, a new online platform for digital-only properties such as ‘Husbands’, The P.E.T. Squad Files’, ‘L.A. Rangers’, ‘Stupid Hype’ and Backpackers [among others]. The latter – ‘Backpackers’ – is now getting a chance to transition to the primetime schedule.

According to a report at Entertainment Weekly, ‘Backpackers’ has received a 10 episode order from The CW and will air on the network this summer. The “first four episodes will contain material from previous CW Seed episodes” while the remaining six episodes will be new.

‘Backpackers’ focuses on best friends Ryan (Noah Reid from the 2012 made-for-TV movie ‘Titanic’) and Brandon (Dillon Casey from ‘Nikita’) who race across Europe in search of Ryan’s missing bride-to-be, while also struggling with the eternal twenty-something question of what to do with their lives. When Ryan’s lost journal suddenly gets posted online and explodes across the internet, Ryan’s life dream of becoming a published author becomes real – if only he can track down the jerk who stole the journal. With Brandon’s slacker brother Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti from ‘Copper’ and ‘Murdoch Mysteries’) in tow, they travel from Thailand to Canada in search of the missing journal, while also seeking the ultimate answers to life, love and partying.

Again, ‘Backpackers’ will air this summer on The CW, but an official air date and time have yet to be announced.