NCIS Season 11 Review “Page Not Found” – Delilah Finds a New Purpose

Page Not Found

In this episode of NCIS, called “Page Not Found,” Delilah brings a case to Gibbs and his team in the hopes that it will help her career, a move that could change things between her and McGee forever.

Delilah has been through quite the journey this season, though I didn’t think it would lead to where she ended up at the end of this episode. Like McGee, I found myself a little confused by her actions in the beginning. It did seem like some of the risks she was taking, including bringing in NCIS when she had been ordered to ignore the email she found, were going to possibly sabotage her own career. I even had a strange thought that maybe she wanted out of the D.O.D. and this was her way of doing it.

Throughout it all, I was happy to see what a helpful role Tony played in all of it. It was great to see how both Delilah and McGee kept going to him for advice. He was able to give them what they needed, but did it without overly interfering in their relationship. I never once felt like Tony was stepping over bounds, nor did it ever feel odd that McGee and Delilah kept turning to him before talking to each other. Sometimes people need a sounding board to figure out what their feelings are and he fulfilled that role perfectly.

In the end, when Delilah’s true intentions came out, I was of course immediately sad for McGee. Here he was trying to figure out how to ask her to move in with him and she was planning on taking a new position that would take her out of the country. But the show delivered one last surprise when it was revealed that Delilah wasn’t breaking up with Tim. I think if anyone can make a long-distance relationship work it will be them. After all, they’ve already weathered some tough challenges together.

My favorite bits:

Tony trying to act casual when Delilah called him in front of McGee.

Tony talking to his cardboard cutout.

“Are you alone, Tony?”
“In my own way.”

Tony being caught in the closet by Gibbs and McGee, and then walking out with his cardboard cutout. Anyone else now wondering what he’s going to do with that thing? I think he should give it to Abby for when he’s out of town. It’s better than the mop.

“What are you doing in the closet?”
“Finding myself.”

The look on Delilah’s face when McGee told her she needed to slow down. Oops.

Tony and McGee in their animal control costumes.

Wondering why Tony looked like he was ready to fall asleep on his feet.

McGee’s snide “Oh, hey, maybe it’s Delilah again.”

Tony introducing McGee as “Very Special Agent.”

“I see you were the A student.”
“More like teacher’s pet.”

Finding Partidge’s little flashcard system quite ingenious.

“You ever see Tango and Cash?”
“It involve a conspiracy.”
“Yes it did, and this is FUBAR.”

Tony and McGee discovering their phones going out and immediately figuring out which car was responsible.

Gibbs silently staring down Brisco.

Brisco pointing out that he was nothing like Trent Kort because, you know, he had hair.

“We’re going to have to catch that guy? We should’ve brought the elephant tranquilizer.”

Samson remarking that the chase was a good workout. Ha!

“So she went from your shoe size, to him.” Tony

McGee’s look when he realized Tony was going to start talking to Samson about Delilah.

Delilah’s look when McGee said he intimidated Samson into giving them what they needed

“Thanks to Jones, we’re able to see local ISP access.”
“And somewhere the head of Leroy Jethro Gibbs explodes.”

Ducky and “Nurse Jimmy” coming in as the “Junior Varsity” part of the team. That was awesome. What a fun way to bring them in on the case when they didn’t have a body.

Jimmy offering Troutman’s daughter to put her hands inside her father.

Jimmy reassuring McGee that Troutman was as high as a kite.

The entire chinchilla babies conversation.

“I hear you’re looking to become Jane Bond.”

Tony informing Delilah that he and McGee once showered together thanks to a little envelope.

Finding out that Delilah was trying to get a job in Dubai. Oh, no, poor Timmy.

“I have to be funny. It’s my raison d’etre.”

Finding out that Brisco was in the wind. Huh, turns out he’s just like Kort.

Troutman thinking that Gibbs and Bishop were there to deliver him another Jell-O cup.

Gibbs messing with Troutman’s leg to get him to talk.

Gibbs actually figuring out how to test Troutman’s computer skills with Bishop’s phone. Pretty brilliant for a guy who barely knows how to use email.

McGee telling Delilah she should go to Dubai if that’s what she wanted.

“Normal has changed, because I have.”

McGee admitting that Delilah did scare him a little when she said he was the guy for her.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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