NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Review “Windfall”

NCIS LA Windfall

Kensi is back in LA! The 405 is still jammed. Everything is back to normal on NCIS: Los Angeles! Well sort of.

Deeks wanted to welcome back Kensi by straightening the objects on her desk—this included making two wooden horse figurines look like they were about to have sex for half a second. I guess it’s the thought that counts? Kensi returns and assures the gang everything is alright. Hetty doesn’t want to take any risks though and puts Kensi in Ops with Eric. This means Nell is with Deeks. Yay, Nell in the field is always fun!

The main plot of the episode “Windfall” was more of the same in what we get every week. Honestly, I never pay attention to them anyways. I’ve found most of the self-contained stories are just not as engaging on this show as they are on NCIS or were on JAG. This one dealt with money embezzlement that happened in Iraq and Al-Qaeda sympathizers wanting to retrieve it.

So what was interesting? Well it was the switcheroo between two of our teams! Nell has worked with Deeks before but Kensi and Eric, not so much. Let’s talk about the latter first. Not being the computer whiz that Nell is, Kensi is forced to give Eric a shoulder rub. Eric turns to drinking decaf coffee to cope with the stress of his antsy new partner. It was all the stuff of a sitcom and still surprisingly entertaining because of Daniela Ruah and Barrett Foa.

Nell also got to continue her streak of being a badass. The best scene of the episode involved her and Deeks interrogating a CI of his named Little Dip. The name Little Dip is already brilliant. Once you add the phrases oh snap, home girl, and cray cray into the exchange, it became gold. Deeks, I know you miss Kensi, but you and Nell are a great duo. Also, if there is another reboot of X-Men, Renee Felicie Smith would make a perfect Kitty Pryde. Nell basically is Shadowcat-sweet, incredibly smart, fearless, and small. She just needs a purple alien dragon!

Thankfully for Deeks he got his partner back at the end of the episode. We all knew the change would be short lived! Hetty decided that in order to assess Kensi’s mental and emotional standing, her agent would need to be back in the field. Cue next week!

More thoughts from “Windfall”:

– Deeks, you do NOT question the actions of Edna Mode!

– At least driving on the 405 you can pass the Getty and almost crash looking at it…

– Little Dip was a hoot and a half- hope we see him again

– Sam is afraid of clowns. You’re not the only one! Clowns, puppets, snakes, rabbits (yes, rabbits) = scary as hell

– I love that the money was hidden in the giant Pinot bottle.

– Hetty’s dig at Owen: ha!

– Does Deeks know about Jack, Kensi’s ex-fiancée, being the White Ghost? It wasn’t mentioned tonight, and the last episode made it seem like only Hetty, Nell, and Eric knew.