Exclusive ‘The 100’ Interview: Devon Bostick Reveals Jasper’s Close Call, What’s Next for His Character and More

The CW’s The 100 combines the twists and turns of Lost with teen drama and a Lord of the Flies aesthetic to marvelous effect. After a shocking outing last week that saw two main characters killed off, Devon Bostick, who plays the lovable Jasper kindly spoke with TV Equals about how his character averted an untimely death, where Jasper will go from here and much, much more (including the origin of those goggles). Read the full interview below then catch the all new episode “Murphy’s Law” tonight, Wednesday, April 9th at 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

TV Equals: That last episode was such a shocker, what can we expect this week?

Devon Bostick: Oh, even more shocks. We see what happens to the camp after this murder occurs. We have to find out who killed Wells and what are the repercussions. It’s like this battle between Clarke and Bellamy over do we punish this person who did this awful crime? If you kill someone, do we kill them or do they get away with it?

TV Equals: What kind state will Jasper be in this week?

Devon Bostick: It’s nice; it looks like Jasper might actually be up on his feet this week. But unfortunately after getting speared he has a little bit of post-traumatic stress disorder, so the world seems a lot darker to him. Going beyond the walls of the camp really scares him. Also the fact that there is a murderer inside the camp scares him even more. Jasper isn’t himself.

TV Equals: Are we going to an idea as to why the Grounders tried to save Jasper?

Devon Bostick: We might get more hints as to why they would even spear him or make him survive a spearing. I think the survivalists would give him that poultice to either hunt the kids down or a panther down. They needed me as bait and they needed me alive, but why they speared me we will find out slowly in time.

TV Equals: When you got the pilot script and read the part, did you know Jasper would survive past that first episode?

Devon Bostick: Absolutely not. It was the opposite actually. I knew he was going to die, and I was cool with it. I got the script and they said they wanted me to play Jasper and I read it and I knew it was a guest star role. I was excited by the idea of this really lovable dude bringing smiles to everyone’s faces even though there was so much danger and then he gets speared. I wanted people to love him so much that when he got speared it just sucked, it was the worst.

We had a lot of fun with him, and then near the end they were like we don’t want Jasper to die, and I was like, okay then don’t kill him. Then I signed on and came back as Jasper. Even though a spearing seems like the end. I think that is a one in a million case because a lot of these kids aren’t safe. It was cool to bring him back, even if he has to be on his back moaning for a couple of episodes because spearing does a lot to you. It’s cool to see his journey; he changes– Earth and getting speared and all this darkness can do a lot to a guy –I’m very excited for people to watch.

TV Equals: How do you see Jasper and what is his overall role in the group going to be moving forward?

Devon Bostick: Jasper is just the guy with the big heart, and I think that is such a big role when there is so much darkness down there. His main role is being that lighthearted guy. He also takes some serious risks, like he did in the pilot once he gets out of his shell again. So it’s good to have someone as courageous as Jasper is; it’s also foolish how courageous he is– there’s a lot of danger out there, he should probably just chill out.

TV Equals: Do you think Jasper has a chance with Octavia?

Devon Bostick: I hope so! I mean, we’re going to see some stuff in the next episode between the two of them which is nice. I think Octavia is Jasper’s drive, so he will always be trying. And there’s always hope; there’s only like 95 of us down there.

TV Equals: Are we going to see the friendship between Jasper and Monty continue?

Devon Bostick: It’s really interesting, there is so much going down on the ground that it is very difficult to have time with your friends when people are getting speared and stabbed in the neck. There are some great, fun moments with Jasper and Monty, they do get up to no good, but there might be a little drama there too. The politics in the camp and the challenges everyone faces can be tough on the bromance.

TV Equals: I have to ask, why the goggles? They look very cool, but how did they come about?

Devon Bostick: Well, they were in the wardrobe fitting and I know one of the other actors tried to put them on. They are so silly and I think they only work for Jasper. I saw them and I loved them and I do like the idea that there is something related to them, in his past (maybe they’re his father’s goggles or something). I just found them so amazing and so funny. Jasper is totally that lighthearted guy who would wear something silly like that. I put on the goggles in front of the creator and the producers and they were like, oh that’s good. And so Goggle Boy was born.

TV Equals: Can you give us a good tease on what we’re going to see going forward?

Devon Bostick: I can say with certainty that each episode it just gets crazier and crazier and darker and darker. It is extremely shocking what the writers come up with. It’s a great world because it’s sci-fi and it’s Earth for the first time in a 100 years. It’s like Lord of the Flies in the 22nd century, anything is possible. It’s so cool, the possibilities of what is out there. We’re going to find out what these Grounders are and yeah, we’re going to see the troubles going on in space with population control and the human race kind of depleting. There’s a lot of heavy stuff coming down the road.

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