Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review “Turn, Turn, Turn”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 17 Turn, Turn, Turn (1)

HO-LY CRAP! I figured after last week’s cliffhanger ending, and all of the events of this weekend’s blockbuster Marvel film, that a lot of stuff would go down. What I didn’t expect was that all of this craziness would come to a head in tonight’s episode “Turn, Turn, Turn” being by far the best episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD yet!

If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely read my thoughts on how the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier might affect Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. If for no other reason then to see how totally wrong most of my predictions were, but thankfully they improved on most of my ideas. There was a lot of crazy stuff happening in Cap 2 that would have some big ramifications on this series, but they couldn’t just go and spoil all of the big twists from their big new film, right?

Wrong. They spoiled just about every big plot twist from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There are still a couple big deaths and resurrections that they didn’t discuss in tonight’s episode, but most of the other stuff was brought right out into the open. The first one we get to right away, when we get the big reveal that Hydra has infiltrated SHIELD. This reveal was done so much better in Cap 2 by Dr. Zola, and was actually one of the coolest scenes of that whole film, but they gave us a pretty solid cliff notes version tonight. You don’t get all of the history behind Hydra, including their ties to Nazi Germany and Red Skull, but you learn enough to know that they’re just a bunch of evil dudes who are trying to take over the world. That’s basically the gist of it.

Not only did tonight’s episode blab about the whole Hydra thing, but they even talked about Fury dying. Now I won’t discuss whether or not Fury is dead in case you haven’t got around to seeing Cap 2 yet, but it really would make somebody go into that film with certain expectations, wouldn’t it? I guess they really assume that everybody who is passionate about Agents of SHIELD will have already seen the movie over the weekend, but what if you haven’t? What if you were just busy and you’re planning to see it later? It was definitely pretty gutsy of them to undercut the events of their blockbuster movie like this by revealing so many spoilers, but we’re really in uncharted waters here. Never before have we had blockbuster hit movies interplaying so wonderfully with a TV show before, so you have to respect them for really going for it! I mean, I saw Thor 2 before seeing their Thor “tie-in” episode earlier this season, and it barely referenced the film at all! It’s a totally different case here, which is definitely interesting to see.

The last minor spoiler comes with Garrett namedropping Sitwell as being an operative of Hydra. That was one of the coolest reveals of film, finding out that Sitwell has been with Hydra all along. That character has been in three Marvel movies, one Marvel One-Shot, and three episodes of Agents of SHIELD! He’s a buddy of Coulson’s, and he just got outed as a bad guy like it wasn’t a big deal! Definitely some gutsy stuff tonight, but that wasn’t even the half of it!

Before we get to the big reveals towards the end, let’s do a little housekeeping with the rest of Coulson’s crew. We got confirmation from May that she was in fact reporting to Fury all along, which I guessed as soon as I saw her on that secure line. It was especially cool to find out that she was also aware of Coulson’s whole “Tahiti” thing, and was behind the team that Coulson thought he put together, but the best part was seeing Coulson’s face. Clark Gregg just perfectly embodies Agent Phil Coulson (I guess it’s just “Phil” now!), so it was just heartbreaking to see him look so betrayed. However, May’s minor betrayal was nothing compared to what some other guys were doing.

I’m glad that we finally (hopefully?) got the official reveal of The Clairvoyant, as we find out that it was Agent Garrett all along. I guessed in my Cap 2/Agents of SHIELD article that they would have to merge these two villains together, because having The Clairvoyant and Hydra out there at the same time would be overkill. We still don’t know how Centipede and all of the Extremis technology plays into Hydra’s plans, but I assume we’ll get confirmation on that shortly.

The episode was very appropriately titled “Turn, Turn, Turn”, because there was just plot twist on top of plot twist going on tonight! I was so happy to have Ward finally kiss Skye, right before being in the best fight scene of the whole series, but then he goes and betrays us all! For a series that has been pretty hit and miss in its first season, I was surprised at how effective it was to see Ward kill Agent Hand. Not only did he shoot her, but then he casually walks over and puts two more in her on the ground without blinking an eye! This dude is cold-hearted! I was screaming and covering my mouth, which is really saying something considering that quite a few of the episodes thus far haven’t been very exciting. Now, I suppose there’s still an outside chance that Ward is just a triple agent. Perhaps he’s pretending to be a Hydra operative in order to follow Garrett back to the Hydra higher-ups and find out more about the organization, and then he’ll try to tear them apart from inside. I realize that this is a very small possibility, but on a show like this, you never know what could happen!

A few of the episodes from earlier in the season have felt like they were just filler, like they were just running in place and waiting for the show to really get started. Well, it definitely got started now, with a ton of stuff going down tonight that will forever change the course of this show. I’m definitely much more excited for this show than I’ve ever been, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

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Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else immediately think of the famous “More cowbell” SNL skit whenever you hear Blue Oyster Cult’s “Fear the Reaper”?

– Was anybody else reminded of Simon Tam’s fancy knockout staff from the opening scene of Serenity when Coulson used that weapon on Garrett and his men?

– There are some pretty solid actors on this series, but Elizabeth Henstridge continues to be the strongest on the show. Her few short scenes with Agent Triplett were great, and I loved seeing her hold her own with Agent Hand in the situation room as she defends Coulson’s honor.