Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Dark Horse”


To say that season 4 of Lost Girl was a disappointment would be an understatement. I’ve stopped watching a lot of other shows for a lot less than the mess we got in nearly every episode. I was hopeful that in the season finale, we’d get a decent wrap up for some of the big storylines, including the Wanderer. Instead, it was one scene after another that made me go, “Huh?” For the sake of closure, let’s sift through it.

Scorned momma’s boy Massimo is still on the warpath for some unknown reason. There are tangential references to him wanting to kill Bo for the Morrigan, but when he has the chance at the Dal, he runs off. He spends most of his time with Lauren, who he kidnapped, talking about his great powers and devious plans. Big talk with little payoff. He ate the Una Mens’ origin seed, which has given him some super powers, but there’s not much more to it than that.

The Morrigan is having a hard time adjusting to life as a human. Some of the sharpest barbs come from her throughout the episode. When Kenzi learns that the Morrigan has lost her fae powers, Kenzi socks her in the face. This was a great moment for Kenzi, who is really the only bright spot in this episode.

Bo and Rainer head to the Dal to get information from Trick about what is going on. She learns that she is the Queen and the Chosen One. Ok. So what does that mean in practical application? Before we can really find out, Massimo storms in. Here’s the part of the episode that I found to be the most obnoxious – Rainer decides to sacrifice himself by letting Massimo kill him. What a gigantic let down for the end of his story. We’ve gone through drama for half the season on “who is Rainer,” we finally find him and it’s still not clear what his deal is, then his character is unceremoniously disposed of. This alone almost makes me want to give up on the show.

The death of Rainer transfers his powers of foresight to Massimo. Not that it does him much good. He still gets his ass kicked by Bo in a fairly pedestrian chi-sucking scene at the end. His foresight couldn’t tell him that was coming?

Dyson finally finds that his purpose is to swear his life to Queen Bo. I just threw up a little in my mouth. It’s such a disappointment to see this formerly dynamic, aloof, and interesting character turn into a sad puppy dog begging for her affection. What’s sadder is that he doesn’t realize that Tamsin clearly has feelings for him. At this point, I’d prefer to see him with Tamsin than Bo.

One of my big complaints about this episode is the clunky dialogue. We get it – women have sex with women on the show. How many vagina euphemisms do we need in one hour? Bo’s repetitive speeches about how this time she’s really mad, or how they don’t know who they’re messing with, or how she is going to start kicking ass have become tired. Quit talking about it and just do it. Stop making promises that you don’t follow through on.

Another complaint is the scene where Dyson and Bo go to the portal of hell, and she wants to know what’s going to come out of it. Dyson says, a “shitload of Revenants.” At the same time, three guys with some of the saddest zombie makeup I’ve ever seen shuffle forward. Really? Three? There are plenty of them at the end, maybe it would’ve been better to use those guys in the first scene at the portal. The transformation of Bo into a blue-eyed menace was confusing, as well.

We still have no idea who the Wanderer is, which is a bad narrative decision. Just as The Killing how it works out when you don’t unmask the bad guy after promising that you will. When we got the Wanderer’s card at the end of last season, that was a message to viewers that we were finally going to figure out the reason behind The Wanderer song (which we haven’t heard again).

As I mentioned, Kenzi is the only positive thing in the episode. In fact, it is the season of Kenzi. She’s had the best storylines, best scenes, and given great performances. Her sacrifice at the end is touching, though it is marred by Bo’s hollow proclamation at her grave that Bo is going on the warpath. Yeah, yeah. Sure you are. Before Bo starts another season of promising to kick ass and peppering us with high schoolish innuendo about threesomes and vaginas, I hope she at least gets a haircut (or loses the hair piece).

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