Continuum Season 3 Review “A Minute Changes Everything”

Warning: This review contains spoilers.


Continuum isn’t an inherently light show. We’ve seen it go dark before but, judging by what we’ve seen of the show’s third season so far, this looks set to be the darkest of the lot. Everything in this episode, ‘A Minute Changes Everything’, from the sinister conversation between the two Alec’s and the image of Carlos meeting dead Kiera for a drink in a freezer locker, to the exposure of Betty and Julian’s misguided soul searching, was a step further into the abyss for these characters than we’ve witnessed before.

The most interesting aspect of the season, as it always seems to be for me, is Carlos’ journey. We suspected he was cracking as soon as he questioned which version of Kiera was now acting as his partner and, while we’re supposed to think he’s simply grieving his old friend, it’s possible that the inconceivable notion of time travel is just now overwhelming him. He accepted Kiera’s story without much resistance last year, and we were all relieved that our central team were finally on the same page, but maybe he hadn’t fully processed it?

Everything he did in this episode suggested that he’s rejecting what he knows just as much as he’s rejecting the ‘new’ Kiera, and that’s worrying. How long before he starts to see the reason and logic in Liber8’s argument, as we can assume he did in the original timeline from season two’s finale? His loaded conversations with Julian suggested that there’s more to come here and, even if he never actually turns to the dark side, it’ll be a while before the image of him visiting Kiera’s body fades from my mind. He’s cracking, but he does a good job of hiding it.

And Alec has now discovered his other self, and he’s not best pleased. His emotions seemed to range from delighted to suspicious to downright hostile and, while Kiera is more trusting of the present-day Alec given that he didn’t swipe her only means of returning home, but the audience are seeing a very different picture. Right now, I’d bet money on the fact that future-Alec is the one we’ll be continuing with after season three is done, but there’s still time for it to turn around. He certainly has Emily on side so, with the company on one side and the girl on the other, they’re both on equal footing right now.

The world of Continuum is expanding, and fast. The Liber8 threat has always been in the background, threatening to explode as soon as the show’s budget allows but, now, with student revolts and distrustful people planted everywhere, Kiera’s mission is getting more and more urgent. It’s too bad she’s burnt all of her bridges, but at least the department have their ownLiber8 mole in Betty now. How close will we get to Kiera’s bleak future before she averts certain tragedy?

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