The Following Season 2 Review “Betrayal”

The Following Season 2 Episode 12 Betrayal (6)

On the latest episode of “The Following,” we saw a few examples of “Betrayal” and how things can go horribly awry- or, in some cases, play right into other people’s hands. On Team Joe, aka Korban, Mandy made a break for it (or from it, rather), calling Mark, of all people, which did not bode well for her in the end. After refusing to cooperate with Team Lily, things weren’t looking good for the girl, with Lily smacking her around and the twins playing the freakiest game of “Truth or Dare”-cum-“Spin the Bottle” ever.

Then Joe and Emma figured out what had happened and gave Lily a call, sealing poor Mandy’s fate when Lily gave him an ultimatum: meet with her or she’d kill the girl. Joe promptly hung up the phone, and it was creepy dinner time once again (not to be confused with epic meal time), which reminded me of that old slasher movie, “Happy Birthday to Me,” only with less dead people. Give it time, though. I’m sure there will be more to come on a show like this.

Meanwhile, Team Joe sent out another group of wackos to dispense some justice, psycho killer style. Okay, Joe actually sent them to fetch the son of the pastor we were first introduced to last week, Kingston Tanner. Tilda and Lucas just took it upon themselves to take out a few rude Frat types in the process, but instant karma came and got them- or at least Lucas, who got taken out by Mike. These missions always seem to come up a person or two short, don’t they? I think that I would be sticking to the back row of the next meeting! (*shrinks down in seat* “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me, don’t pick me!”)

Tilda better bathe in that post-Joe-praise glory, because he’s not going to be thrilled when he finds out that Team Joe led Ryan right to Korban. Whoops! Honestly, I’m half surprised he didn’t just haul off and shoot Joe then and there, but I guess we wouldn’t have much of a show left if he did. From the looks of next week’s preview, he’s going to infiltrate the cult instead and get close enough to take Joe out. As much as I’d like to see Ryan get his revenge, I would really advise calling for back-up, what with all the crazies on hand, but it seems like they get wind of it, too, so hopefully Ryan will make it out alive, if not Joe.

Of course, there’s still Lily to contend with, so there’s that. That would actually be a pretty ballsy move to take Joe out sooner than later, what with only a few episodes left. Given how the show has thrived on subverting expectations just when you think you’ve figured out where it’s headed with things, that would certainly be unexpected. The question is, would it work for the show’s fans? Would they still be onboard if Joe was out of the picture, and it was just Team Lily and maybe some rogue Korban followers and Emma or what have you? Hard to say…

I did respect Ryan a lot more when he gave Claire the slip, but from the preview it doesn’t look like it would do much good. That woman is determined to take Joe out herself or die trying. Not that I blame her, but still: there’s a right way and a wrong way, and she’s definitely going about things the wrong way. She seems much more likely to get herself killed than to do any killing personally. Hopefully, Ryan will take care of business and she won’t have to.

I do feel like its inevitable Joe has to die. How else to become a martyr? And you know that deep down, that’s sort of what he wants. His Jesus complex is getting the better of him this season. I do think more so than before that the show could survive without Joe as the main focal point, in terms of being the main bad guy. Lily’s nothing if not formidable, and with a lot of resources going for her, to boot. And Joe’s inspired just enough crazy in his antics to get himself some even more dedicated followers, so there’s always that route to take in the future if he dies. And you just know his death would inspire even more people to come out of the woodwork, so that would allow for new “leaders” to follow in his wake.

That said, I’ll allow that Joe was the hook early on in the show, and it must be tempting not to go there, as it was the success of James Purefoy in the villainous role that helped make the show what it is. Still, neither do they want to drag it out to where it becomes implausible. Fool Ryan once, shame on Joe- but fool him twice and shame on us viewers for buying it, you know what I mean?

What did you think of “The Following” this week? Do you think the show could survive without Joe as the main villain? Do you think Ryan will kill him sooner than later? Or will Claire find some way to pull it off herself? Will Ryan call in for back-up or will the law enforcement figure it out themselves and attack in full force before he has a chance to? Is that how Joe will stage his escape, if there is one? Spew forth your crazy theories below and I’ll see you next week!