Terminus – The End of the Line on The Walking Dead?

Terminus - The Walking Dead

By now I hope that everyone has had an opportunity to see the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead. Please be forewarned that I will be discussing the second half of season 4, including the finale, and alluding to speculation by other fans for what season 5 holds. It could be possible that I will spoil surprises for those of you that are behind or even just trying to avoid speculation. Consider yourself warned!

I found the season 4 finale awesome and action packed. Yes, it left us with many questions, and yes, there were some silly moves and plot holes, but honestly, in order to have drama and danger, I think you cannot completely get away from those two things. I mean, seriously, if it were the real zombie apocalypse, I would head to an island and set up shop, drama over! Is that really the show you want to watch; me, sitting on an island, growing crops? I didn’t think so!

So, let’s talk about Terminus. I love the fact I have learned a piece of history from watching this program! I’m sure that people that went to elementary school in Georgia know all of this already, but I went to elementary school in Florida, so ask me questions about the Sunshine State! Anyway, for those of you not aware, in 1836 Georgia decided to build a railroad to the Midwest and they chose a location to be the line’s end, or terminus. In 1837, a stake was used to mark the founding of “Terminus.” From 1845 to 1854, rail lines coming from four different directions ended there, resulting in the town, named Atlanta, quickly becoming the rail hub for the Southern United States. Clearly, one of the organizers of Terminus knows their history!

Much as I was hoping that Terminus would be a real safe haven, I knew deep in my heart it would not be. You all knew that too, right?

Where is Beth?

Car abducts Beth - The Walking Dead

Was Beth captured by the folks from Terminus? Did they set up that house with the food as a trap, to lure people in? In a way that makes no sense, because if they wanted to capture them, why send Walkers in the front door? That was more likely to result in the people inside being bitten and turned. Maybe they figured that the fighters would survive and the others would escape and then they would be easy to capture. That is the only explanation I can think of. But, the question still remains, was it Terminus inhabitants that set the trap and took Beth, or is she somewhere else?

Where are Tyreese, Carol and Baby Judith?

Tyreese, Carol, and Judith - The Walking Dead

We did not see them in the finale, but they could be in one of the other train cars. Clearly the other cars also hold people, so it really was a nice coincidence that our favorite Walker slayers all ended up in the same train car. Maybe it was by design, but if it was, the Terminus people are dumber than they look. You never put people that know each other together! That just leads to an immediate alliance and spells trouble for the captors!

Anyway, back to my question. We saw Glenn’s group reunited with Rick’s group, but we did not see Carol, Tyreese or Baby Judith. So, are they not at Terminus yet? Are they in another train car? Will they be the help Rick and company need from the outside? Realistically, how much help can they be, toting a baby? Plus, after the trauma of losing Mika and Lizzie, would they actually be wary of Terminus, or just walk straight in like Glenn’s group?

Who are the Folks at Terminus?

Remains - The Walking Dead

I don’t read the comics, and I know that the comics are different than the show, but I do read enough online to know there is a group of cannibals that play into the story at some point. So, I was not surprised when I noticed what looked like a pile of bones and other remains in the foreground during the intense chase as Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl were herded to the train car by the Termians (the folks at Terminus, although I prefer the name “Termites” used by actor Andrew Lincoln). These people always have the grill going, and are handing out free fresh meat; so really, does it take a lot of imagination to assume the worst?

Rick and his Recaptured Mojo

Rick - The Walking Dead

One thing was clear in the finale – Rick has his mojo back. While we saw flashbacks of how he became farmer Rick, interspersed was the reality of the current situation, and Rick now has returned to full on warrior mode. It sure looks like season 5 will be a very busy and action packed season. I know that some fans have complained at the slow pace of the last half of season 4, and there was a lot of character development that involved no action whatsoever. So, maybe season 5 will make up for that.

What will be the result of Rick and the return of his mojo? Clearly the folks at Terminus are in for a whole lot of hurt. Is Rick now just a caged animal in that train car, waiting to escape and planning his revenge? How will that affect Carl and their seemingly fragile relationship? Oh, and the point of Rick’s little lesson at the beginning of the episode on how to build a snare for capturing animals was not lost on me, and I doubt it was lost on anyone actually…


So, what do you think of Terminus? What will happen there next season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!