Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “An Old Accustom’d Feast”

An Old Accustom’d Feast

Roman and Emery’s new relationship got off to a bad start in the latest episode of Star-Crossed. Roman’s mother doesn’t care for humans much and views Emery as the daughter of a murderer. Julia tries to dodge her teacher about the cyper in her DNA while Drake pretends to hold loyalties to the Trags.

The highlights:

Roman and Emery spent the beginning of the episode sneaking around until the announcement of the Atrian’s feast. After making plans to go together, Emery finally tells Grayson about her feelings while Roman tells his mother. Neither are happy. Roman’s mother calls Emery the daughter of a murderer until she discovers it was Emery who helped Roman on arrival day. Why didn’t Emery confirm it was her? Her decision not to answer was confirmation in itself, but after being treated so badly it would have been nice to see her acknowledge their beginnings that would prove her loyalties.

Prisoner 337 was none other than Drake’s mom. Who would have known since prison aged her decades beyond her true years. It was clever of Roman to use his father’s affair over Gloria’s head. Drake’s mother’s arrival is sure to shake up the sector since she has inadvertently shown Emery that it was Castor who caused the Atrian’s space craft to plummet to the Earth. Does anyone else see a war between Roman, Castor and the Trags. It looks like those in the sector will have their true feelings exposed when a war breaks out among them all.

There is also more problems on the horizon for the Atrain’s now that Julia’s tip off to her teacher has revealed that cyper comes from the dead bodies of the Atrains. This valuable information is bound to make the war between the races worse.

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