Once Upon A Time Season 3 Review “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 16 It's Not Easy Being Green (16)

Last night’s Once Upon a Time was all about one’s ability to move on. Storybrooke struggles to move forward after Neal’s death. The Wicked Witch is completely unable to move forward from the shortcomings of her childhood. Regina lets go of some of her fears and starts to open towards the idea of a connection with Robin Hood.

I’m still a little surprised at the suddenness of Neal’s death last week. I assume that we will still see him in some flashbacks to the missing year. While Neal’s funeral is a sober affair, it’s shocking how many dry eyes there are. I expected Emma to at least squeeze out a tear or two. At least Rumplestiltskin has the decency to look devastated over the death of his son. Zelena rubs salt in the wound by touting her role in Neal’s demise. While her main beef is with Regina, there is no doubt in my mind that it will ultimately be Rumple who brings her down.

With Neal out of the way, we’re inching closer to a Hook/Emma coupling. She is definitely bringing out his better side. He tracks her down at Granny’s and tries to comfort her. This was a weird scene. Emma is playing darts (though angrily) while Henry sits in the booth by himself. You would think after the funeral of the father he never got to know that Emma would have been more comforting to Henry.

Most of the mourners are at the diner, including Regina and Robin Hood. Tinkerbell sees Robin’s tattoo and confronts Regina. The formerly evil queen is still reluctant to get her heart broken and tries to keep Robin at arms length. Everyone suffers a big shock when Zelena bursts in. She tells Regina that they are half-sisters and challenges her to a magical duel. The look on Robin Hood’s face after Zelena threatens Regina is fantastic. His feelings for her are already building.

There is a great chemistry between Regina and Zelena. Both stand their ground, but Zelena’s anger is way ramped up. Regina’s calm responses speak to her confidence, which is a little shaken after finding a complementary letter from Rumple was written about Zelena and not her. I don’t want to see Regina get beaten down every time, so hopefully she ramps up her magical powers for the next showdown.

We see that Zelena has imagined Rumple as her new family. When she learns from the Wizard of Oz that she has a sister, Zelena starts to become overwhelmed with jealousy. The magic that she has been taught to hide is encouraged in Regina by Rumple. It’s sad the way Zelena covets Regina’s life. She is so obsessed that she even stabs Regina (who she thinks is Regina) in the throat. I like the way they have tied Zelena’s green skin to her envious nature.

It was an unexpected twist when Zelena eventually unmasked the Wizard of Oz, it turned out to be Emma’s ex-fiance, Walsh. We know now that he didn’t start out bad. But here’s where I don’t want this to go…I don’t want Walsh to eventually be cured and try to get back with Emma. We’ve just got the path clear for Hook and I don’t want anyone messing that up.

By far, the best moment of the episode comes at the end when Regina gives her heart to Robin to keep safe. Perhaps it’s the absence of her heart that gives her the confidence to flirt with him.

We learn that Zelena is trying to go back in time to have Rumple choose her as his pupil instead of Regina. This is why she took Charming’s courage and wants Regina’s heart. By why does she want Snow’s baby? I don’t think we need another time/dimension jump, so hopefully this will ultimately be unsuccessful.

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