Bitten (Syfy) Interview: Laura Vandervoort, Greg Bryk and Greyston Holt Talk the Finale, Season 2 Hopes and More

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Season one of Bitten comes to a close on Syfy tonight, Monday, April 7th at 8PM ET/PT with a year-ending battle between the pack and the mutts. TV Equals recently joined in a conference call with three key pack members: Laura Vandervoort (Elena), Greg Bryk (Jeremy) and Greyston Holt (Clay) to discuss the finale, their hopes for season two and much more. Check out the highlights from the call below.

The First Season Finale

After a first season full of twists and shockers, Bitten is preparing for one big final showdown before signing off until season two. Vandervoort, Bryk and Holt offered a few vague, but promising teasers for the finale, entitled, “Ready.”

“In episode 13 every character is in this ballet of violence,” Bryk said. He went to compare the war between the mutts and the pack as a symphony in the way the fight scenes are orchestrated. Expect a seismic shift by the end of the episode though. Holt revealed that the audience’s allegiance might change by the episode’s end and that there is huge, shocking (and brutal) twist.

Are you worried for your favorite pack members yet?

Looking Ahead to Season Two

To take your mind off the forthcoming cliffhanger, the trio all discussed their hopes for their characters and the series in general for season two. Now that the world has been established, they all want to explore their characters and the pack dynamic on an even deeper level. Bryk mentioned that as the first season unfolded the characters were “born fresh each episode.” Bryk hopes that next season he and the fans will get to see the man behind the Alpha in Jeremy. Meanwhile, Vandervoort and Holt teased their co-star by saying they hope he hooks up with the sheriff. However, Bryk believes Jeremy would need a powerful, lightning strike moment to find a person to distract him from his duties toward the pack.

Both Holt and Vandervoort had the same wish for season two: they want flashbacks into Clay’s domestication by Jeremy. Holt cited Clay’s backstory as being one of his favorite elements of the series and one he would like to dive into more deeply.

Most importantly, they all agreed they were ready to “hit the ground running” next season. The chemistry between the cast is so strong, they feel like they can take Bitten to the next level.

Favorite Moments

Choosing just one favorite moment proved to be impossible for all three of the pack members, but each actor did offer insight into the areas of season one that made them especially proud and happy. For Vandervoort, whose Elena is so central to the story, it was the discovery of why she was turned and how that shifted the dynamic between Elena, Clay and Jeremy that wowed her the most. Additionally, she found Elena’s first transformation scene, which Jeremy helped her through, to be a great father/daughter style moment. She also loved the intimate moments where Elena and Clay connected, including their scene by the fireplace.

Bryk also reveled in the heartbreaking moment of the reveal about Elena’s past. He cited Clay caring for an ailing Jeremy as another standout. Seeing the young look out for the past generation touched him on a personal level, since he is a father himself.

Holt’s favorite is an upcoming scene in the finale between Elena and Clay that he loves. He teased it involves Elena taking care of Clay– however, Vandervoort hinted it may not have made the final cut. Start the DVD extras campaign now.

On a more general level, they all agreed the mutts were awesome. Their combination of humor without kitsch and their ability to creat a real sense of danger made them the perfect villains. So much so, that the showdown between the two groups should have viewers invested in both the mutts and the pack on the edge of their couches.

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