Bitten Season 1 Review “Ready”

Bitten Episode 13 Ready (5)

At long last, Bitten has come to an end. I mean, there’s still the chance it’ll get renewed for a second season, but does anyone expect that? “Ready” once again showed all the things that are wrong with this show, and if the flat, unlikable denizens of Stonehaven get a second season while Warehouse 13 has been cancelled, I might have to write SyFy a strongly-worded letter. I realize SyFy doesn’t actually make Bitten, but the show’s terrible logic has apparently started to affect my own.

Let’s start from the top and take a look at our pack members. Logan’s speech fell so flat that I actually found myself laughing at it. He claims that the other pack members are his family and that’s what brought him back, but the pack laws are the exact reason he should’ve kept on running. He basically chose a group of psychos over the woman he loves and his unborn child, which would make sense if Jeremy had been anything but awful to Logan throughout the season.

And that, ultimately, was Bitten’s biggest flaw this season. We were introduced to all of these characters through Elena’s bitter eyes, and the show never bothered to give us a reason she would like any of them. Jeremy was a stone-faced ruler that never seemed as caring as the characters said, Clay bounced between lovestruck and psychotically violent, and Nick went from a face in the crowd to a brooding jerk. Every other pack member… died.

Of course, my dislike for the pack doesn’t mean I was rooting for Santos. Regardless of how proud he was of his “empire of mayhem,” it never expanded to a point where it felt like he was a real threat. He stormed the house with what, like, six guys? Some of whom we’ve seen easily beaten before? And on top of all that, the two main lackeys we’ve seen at his side all season turned out to be as unreliable as they always seemed. When the true big bad said that his best was yet to come, all I could think was that he couldn’t do much worse.

For how little the characters matter, though, the show once again provided a number of well-choreographed fight scenes. From the moment Jeremy axed that one mutt to Santos’ death, there were a lot of great battles, with a particular highlight being Elena’s fight with one mutt through several rooms in Stonehaven. Again, these scenes would’ve been better if we cared about the characters, but at least they offered something exciting. If only we could’ve gotten scenes like this throughout the season, Bitten could’ve been a dumb action show instead of just straight dumb.

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