Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Plunge”

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 6 Plunge (2)

We got some exciting news today, Bates Motel fans! A&E officially announced that they renewed the series for a third season! It isn’t like the show is a huge hit or anything, but with “Those Who Kill” crashing and burning in the ratings, they needed to renew one of their original dramas. Whatever the reason, I’m so excited for even more of this show, especially if the episodes are as good as tonight’s “Plunge”!

Norma’s bypass storyline got a real shot in the arm when she confronted Nick Ford about the death of Lee Berman, and eventually tried and succeeded at replacing Berman on the city council. We still aren’t quite clear on why Ford was so against the bypass, though. At first I just assumed that the bypass was messing up Ford’s trade routes for his drug business, but Norma becoming a member of the council does offer a possible explanation: Maybe Ford is working with the Heldens.

I’ve said ever since she were introduced that Norma’s new friend Christine was a little shady. She seemed way too enthusiastic about introducing Norma to the White Pine Bay elite, and just being way too friendly with her overall. Now she comes to the motel as soon as she possibly can to tell Norma that she needs to run for the empty seat on city council, despite Berman dying so recently, and then she enlists her charming brother George to help her out. It’s possible that Ford and the Heldens are working together to get Norma onto the city council, and then they’ll have somebody else on the council who they might be able to sway into changing legislation and laws to improve the drug trade. Nick Ford was introduced at one of Christine’s swanky parties, after all, so if he’s really the scary drug lord that the mayor thought he was, you wouldn’t think Christine would have invited him. They clearly know each other, so maybe they were in cahoots all along.

Speaking of the mayor, we finally met mister Woodriff tonight, as Norma tried to pitch him the idea of her taking the empty council seat. It was pretty funny that Norma was clearly playing up the intimidation and fear that Mayor Woodriff had for Nick Ford, saying that you really don’t want to make someone like him angry. Norma seems to be getting deeper and deeper with the wrong kind of people, so I’m afraid this will blow up in her face.

Speaking of the wrong kind of people, we learned a lot more about Zane’s sister, played by 90210 star Kathleen Robertson. She became a more interesting character than Zane in about five minutes of screen time. You wouldn’t expect Kathleen Robertson, the woman who’s played the cute blond chick her whole life, to be playing a criminal mastermind that blends different types of marijuana in her spare time. She’s playing this character wonderfully against type, and I can’t wait to see if her little midnight tryst with Dylan goes anywhere. She’s clearly trying to groom Dylan to become the leader in place of her inept brother, but I really hope they don’t rush that progression. I’m not sure if I’d buy Dylan becoming the leader of this group so soon after joining them. I think Remo would just about snap if that happened.

Cody has been pretty hit and miss this season for me. I liked her with Norman a little more last episode, but tonight she was still back to her irritating “bad girl” ways. Look, I get that she has a crappy dad (or at least she used to), but I still don’t get why she has to peel into the motel parking lot with her radio blaring and give Norma such ridiculous attitude. It’s like she’s just emulating all of the “bad boy/bad girl” characters from every TV show and movie ever. Oh, and then she completely disregards Norma’s warnings and she stocks up on booze even though she’s already seen Norman have one of his blackouts! Maybe you should listen to the lady, Cody! You kinda know what she’s talking about!

The double date between Norman, Cody, Emma, and Gunner was really great. I was expecting it to be a standard super-awkward double date situation, but it was actually a really nice moment with the boys jumping into the water, until it got really intense really fast after Emma jumped. Norman yelling at Cody came out of nowhere, and it led into the final scene wonderfully when Norman came to Cody’s house to yell at her about something else.

The final scene wasn’t entirely unexpected for me. I kinda figured that Cody’s abusive dad would meet his end one way or the other, but it actually happened by accident this time. I can’t wait to see what happens next, with Norman Bates officially on the hook for murder for the first time. I expect this to be the major storyline to carry us through to the end of the season, and I’m looking forward to it!

Random Thoughts:

– Did they ever actually say the name of Zane’s sister? On IMDb she’s just listed as “Zane’s sister”.

– I’m not an expert on local government or anything, but I thought that you had to be elected into city council positions? Can the mayor just bequeath you with a city council position like that?

– As soon as I heard how abusive Cody’s father was, I just knew Norman would be killing him.