Veep Season 3 Review “Some New Beginnings”

Everyone else in the world might be more excited for the return of Game of Thrones, but I’m even more excited to have Veep back in my life. Even with a somewhat shaky second season, I love getting the chance to revisit Selina Myers and her staff. And with “Some New Beginnings” promising a clearer through-line to build the season around, I have a feeling this’ll be a far more energetic season of the show.

Following two months from the big reveal at the end of last year, we found the team still waiting for POTUS to announce he wasn’t going to be running for reelection. Of course, that didn’t stop Selina from beginning to court voters, and her book signing offered plenty of fun interactions with average citizens. As nice as it is to see Selina put on airs around other politicians, it’s more enjoyable watching her hold her insults around the people that will determine if she wins the election.

With Selina on her book tour, it was cool to see everyone else trying to relax a bit at Mike’s wedding. The wedding itself was a bit of a shock, though, as I honestly can’t remember if there was even mention of Mike having a fiancée at any point last season. Then again, Mike’s thing is usually to be a bit of a sad sack, so if it was mentioned, I’m not surprised I would forget him having a happier moment. The strongest part of the wedding was just getting to see that the characters were still who they’ve always been, with Dan and Amy bickering, Gary fretting over the little things and Sue putting everyone down.

Easily the biggest plot point this week was the firing of Jonah, who went down in an appropriately self-destructive style. Honestly, he’s always survived by the skin of his teeth, so it’s no surprise that a bone-headed move would be what finally took him out. Now, Timothy Simons is scheduled for at least a few more episodes this season, so hopefully we’ll get some solid follow-up, and possibly even some growth, for our gossip-tainment blogger.

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