Silicon Valley Series Premiere Review

I can’t say that I’ve been highly anticipating the premiere of Silicon Valley, but with the talented Mike Judge as one of the creators, I expected this to be an enjoyable half hour of television. And though “Minimum Viable Product” isn’t a laugh riot, there’s enough likable here to recommend the interested give it a look.

Like King of the Hill and Office Space before it, Silicon Valley is understated with its humor. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments, but mostly, this is a show that’ll have you smiling quite a bit. A lot of that comes from its main character Richard. He carries a nervous energy about him, one that makes him easy to root for. He’s stumbled onto a potentially paradigm-shifting algorithm and has no idea what to do with it. Hopefully, this season will chart his journey to success and not failure.

The rest of the cast was all present this week, but there wasn’t much room to get to know them yet. Appropriately, this episode let us get to know Richard. That said, there were some strong moments from the supporting cast, and I look forward to seeing what Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller and Martin Starr are able to bring to the table.

Another note, and this seems like the appropriate time to mention this, I really liked the title sequence, which had the feel of a town-building iOS game. Hopefully, there’s room for the intro to evolve Game of Thrones style as Richard’s company begins to take off.

Now, it’s at least worth mentioning that Silicon Valley shares almost the same exact premise with the Amazon original series Betas. Despite the similar premise, though, there’s enough of a different vibe to set Silicon Valley apart. The show has far less of a cynical tone, with a more relatable lead character in Richard. Again, it’s hard to tell how different the overall narrative will be, but this is certainly the more optimistic show.

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