Revenge Season 3 Review “Blood”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 18 Blood (5)

The back half of season three of Revenge continues to meander along, reiterating plot points instead of meaningfully pushing them forward. And though “Blood” had a couple of strong moments, the audience is still left waiting for the show to kick back into high gear.

A prime example of the show’s spinning wheels is Mason Treadwell’s return this week. I actually love Mason as a character, as there’s something so delightfully over-the-top about Roger Bart’s performance. However, all that really happened was that we saw him go from one off-screen location to another by the end. We didn’t need to spend a whole episode on him, especially when Emily couldn’t be bothered to deal with it herself.

Javier, meanwhile, continued to exist. Here, we found he was trying to make a deal with Nolan, but didn’t like the percentage he was offered. I guess Javier is around so Nolan has something to do each week? That, or to just be a wild card in the war between Emily and the Graysons. Because, you know, this show didn’t have enough wild cards running around.

I hate to call Margaux out, but her line about not liking jealous men was some full-on double standard. She got all over Jack when she thought he was interested in Emily, but he’s not allowed to feel threatened by Daniel, who actually is a threat? Really, I just wish this “troubled lovers” story arc would wrap up, as it makes Margaux a far less likable character.

On the positive side, I really liked the scenes with Aiden this week. In the past, I’ve complained that the character has been too much of an unlikable ass, focused on the mission but never feeling like the kind of person Emily would actually love. Lately, though, the show has gone a long way in humanizing him, and seeing both flashes of his past and his interactions with his mother have finally made me happy to see him on Emily’s team.

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