Granite Flats (BYUtv) Season 2 Preview and Photos

Timmy Madeline Type Granite Flats

Granite Flats Season 2 premieres tonight, Sunday, April 6 at 9pm ET on BYUtv.

Show Summary: In the small, quintessentially American town of Granite Flats, Colorado, the Cold War rumbles underneath the lives of a group of school children, the Chief of Police, and the staff at the local Army base and VA hospital. Three unlikely young heroes, the school science geeks, have banded together to form their own private detective agency, but the implications of what they’re investigat- ing is actually bigger and more serious than anyone realizes.

After an unidentified object (which turns out to be a Soviet spy satellite) falls from the sky in a fiery blaze, Granite Flats is rocked to the core and transformed into a place of secrets and fear. The Chief of Police is working with a Special Agent from the FBI to help ferret out a KGB spy hiding somewhere in their midst. A nurse at the VA Hospital has learned that her boss is running some mysterious tests on soldiers, part of the CIA’s top secret Project MKUltra program to develop mind-control as a weapon against the Soviets. The kid detectives end up in the middle of it all, gaining insight into the complicated political world that becomes the backdrop to their own coming of age experiences. As the Cold War escalates and the country’s government and citizens confront enormous national and global challenges – including the assassination of President Kennedy – the tale of Granite Flats unfolds through the perspectives of an ensemble of diverse and multi-generational characters.

Like the first season, the second consists of eight new one-hour episodes. The entire cast has returned, featuring top Hollywood and New York actors who have made some of television and film’s most successful programs.

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