Exclusive Interview: Richard Gunn Teases Season 2 of ‘Granite Flats,’ Raising The Stakes, A ‘Surprising’ Finale and More

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This past week I gave you 5 reasons why you would fall in love with BYUtv’s series Granite Flats and now with the season 2 premiere only hours away, it’s time for series star Richard Gunn to give you some teases about Season 2.

TV Equals got a chance to talk with Gunn exclusively about this second season. He discussed the evolution of Chief Sanders, raising of the stakes, Chief Sanders and Timmy, a ‘surprising’ finale and more.

TV Equals: What can you tease about the new season of ‘Granite Flats’?

Richard Gunn: Well, I can tell you that it’s going to be some very exciting stuff happening it carries on from last season, you know, where last season left you finding out that Slim was working with the KGB. So it starts, but it starts eight months later, and that’s to take into account that the kids are growing like weeds. So it’s going to be more spy intrigue, and I think the audience will find that the stakes are raised from last season.

TV Equals: How does Chief Sanders evolve in this next season?

Richard Gunn: Chief Sanders goes through his own inner struggle, I think it’s the best way to put it, balancing his professional life with his personal life.

TV Equals: The Season 2 trailer hints that there might be some trouble between him and his wife. Can you talk about that?

Richard Gunn: I can’t really…I think all I can say is that his relationship with his wife and family starts to feel a little strained because of events going in the town and because of the sort of things that he has to deal with in his professional life. I know that’s opaque, but I really don’t want to give it away.

TV Equals: That’s a good tease.

Richard Gunn: Good. I think all the teasing will pay off very soon.

TV Equals: I really enjoy his relationship with Timmy. Are we going to see more of their father/son moments this season?

Richard Gunn: Yes, you’ll see more of Timmy and Chief Sanders and their evolving relationship for sure.

TV Equals: Now that the kids have their own detective agency, what kind of cases will they take on, and how is Chief Sanders involved in that?

Richard Gunn: He continues to kind of be the main overseer to make sure that the kids aren’t getting into trouble or biting off more than they can chew, so to speak. So he continues in that role, and the kids have quite a few more mysteries that they look into solving.

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TV Equals: If you had one word to describe the season 2 finale, what would it be?

Richard Gunn: One word? Man, that’s tough. I think Surprising would be a good one.

TV Equals: Does it leave the door open for season three, and have you heard anything about the show getting a third season?

Richard Gunn: Oh, the door definitely remains open for a season three, and there’s been no official word on whether season three is going to get green lit or not, but the general feeling, I think, is positive, and I think that the response to season two will tell us a lot. They’ll be able to determine after season two’s played out whether or not they’d like to go ahead with season three.

TV Equals: So we’re keeping our fingers crossed then.

Richard Gunn: Yeah, thank you, me too. I’ve really enjoyed this show. I’d love to do another season of it.

TV Equals: What’s been the most surprising part of being on the show so far?

Richard Gunn: I think that the most surprising part would be the appeal…well, I guess it’s not surprising because that’s what they’re trying to do, but maybe the most rewarding part would be the appeal to audiences as a family. This is something that kids and parents can watch together, and the amount of enjoyment that they have gotten out of it, I find that very rewarding. I like that.
I remember seeing on YouTube at the end of season one, when a family taped themselves watching the finale together, and the reaction to the ending of season one, they’re really excited when they reveal Slim. They screamed and it plays the credits and the music and one of the kid started dancing. It was real cute.

TV Equals:If you could talk to Chief Sanders, what would you tell him?

Richard Gunn: Man, that’s a tough one. What would I tell him? I don’t want to tell him his future. I would say, ‘You’re doing a great job and continue to keep it real,’ I think.

TV Equals: If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be?

Richard Gunn: That’s easy. ‘Game of Thrones,’ yeah. Totally.

Season 2 of Granite Flats premieres tonight, April 6th at 9pm ET on BYUtv.

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