Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Review “The Voyage of the Damned”

“Anyone gullible enough to be duped deserves it.”

Thanks Amerigo Vespucci- that’s basically everyone on the planet & in the world of Da Vinci’s Demons!

And let me say the beginning of “The Voyage of the Damned” consisted of some brilliant duping and my favorite moment of Da Vinci’s Demons so far. If every episode was Da Vinci pretending to be Riario it would be riveting. Cheers Tom Riley.

Sadly that duping moment was ruined by Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, aka 2 Blades (nickname compliments of Vespucci) aka our new villain of the season. And because Alfonso knows who the real Riario is Da Vinci, Vespucci, and Zoroaster have to find a different way to get on a ship to the west. This leads us to Da Vinci’s invention of the episode which is a submarine! Leo and Zoroaster are able to guide the submarine to the ship, and with the help of Vespucci and newly freed slaves, overtake Alfonso. Woo hoo, let the following of Riario commence!

Let’s see, what else happened. Oh yes, Florence was excommunicated! You’re all damned to go to hell. And no Christian city, country, person, etc. will want to trade with you because of this. Obviously that is not ideal so Lorenzo takes it upon himself to visit Naples (along with Papa da Vinci) to convince King Ferrante otherwise. David Goyer and the writers have done a great job of showcasing Lorenzo as a leader, and Elliot Cowan is always up to the task. Dude is about to dine with one of the devil’s minions (remember the tooth thing from last week?) to save his city.

With Lorenzo on his peace mission, he leaves Clarice in charge. Season 2 has given Lara Pulver twice as much to do, and I am ever thankful. This is the material she deserves. You don’t hire Irene Adler to sit on the sidelines! Even better, Clarice revealed to Lorenzo that Lucrezia was the traitor… and then defaced her portrait! Girl is taking names, and you do not want to get on her bad side. That means you too new Medici brother! I’m not sure how I feel about this development (yes there was a real Carlo Medici, a bastard son of Cosimo). Carlo’s entrance didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that this kind of moment dictates, and out of every plotline the show is juggling, I’m least excited by this one. The upside is that Clarice is involved.

The subplot involving our other female lead, Lucrezia, feels much more promising. She made a new ally in Papa Boleyn aka Lupo Mercuri. I call him Papa Boleyn because of Nick Dunning’s inspired portrayal of Thomas Boleyn on The Tudors. He’s another actor that I felt was underutilized in Season 1, but his discovery of the true Pope should change that. It looks like next week’s episode will reveal how the takeover happened. Yay James Faulkner doing his Man in the Iron Mask bit! Seriously, I’m excited. His Prisoner Francesco is very Gandalf the Grey and Pope Alessandro does a great Saruman impression. A flashback should flesh out Lucrezia’s character as well. Laura Haddock has done fine with the role, but I want her to be more than the cliché of femme fatale with a past.

Out the three episodes so far this has been my least favorite, but most of that comes from the narrative. This episode dealt with moving our characters to the next place. And while Da Vinci is a fun show, the character moments aren’t what you’ll get on Game of Thrones. Its strength comes from the adventure. The stones for the next one have been set. All the players have to do is Go (get it?!).

Yapay or “to add”

– Riario, you bastard, you were severely missed this time around. Think that’s a main reason why this episode didn’t feel as fun to me. Thanfully we had the aforementioned Leo pretending to be Riario at the beginning.
– I’m guessing we’ll be seeing less of Andrea since Leo is on his trip and Vanessa is with the Medici’s. That’s a shame as I’ve grown quite fond of Allan Corduner’s portrayal.
– Pope Francesco’s main hall is a fantastic set. Don’t know what episode this picture is from, but it reminds me of Professor X and Magneto at the end of the first X-Men film
– I’m pumped that Clarice is acting all in charge but that doesn’t mean treating Vanessa like a child. I hope a real friendship brews between them.
– Riario helped Alessandro seize the papacy from Francesco. Does this give weight to the theory that Alessandro is Riario’s father?
– The Turk makes another appearance! Is he a figment of Da Vinci’s imagination or powerful enough to project himself in visions to Leonardo?
– Is Zo going to get a love interest in the slave girl?

Favorite quotes
– “This is an appalling likeness.” Leo on his wanted poster commissioned by Alfonso
– “People shouldn’t have to suffer pedestrian artwork.” Leo after drawing his own likeness in place of that on the wanted poster
– “He’s not kidding?” Vespucci questioning Zoroaster about Leo’s submarine plan (Lee Boardman’s Amerigo Vespucci is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine)