Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Carrying Your Love With Me”

Carrying Your Love With Me

They were on a break. We all know how that ended up for Ross and Rachel and, alas, Zoe and Joel have now also succumbed to the break/break-up misunderstanding. This week’s Hart of Dixie, ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’ was the saddest instalment of the show for a while and, no matter how you feel about Joel and his place on the show this past season, surely we can’t help but feel bad for Zoe. Things happen and opportunities arise and, knowing that we would have to say goodbye to Joel eventually, this was the nicest and most graceful way to do it.

Like Vivian, Joel was a placeholder with a purpose. Zoe and Wade were both supremely damaged people when we left them at the end of season two, and their respective love affairs in season three have led them both to a place where they could better maintain a relationship with each other. At least I hope so, with Hart of Dixie in very real danger of being cancelled at the end of the year, as it would put a bit of a dampener on the series finale if Zoe and Wade didn’t make their way back to each other. With Joel now out of the way, we assume for good, we’re half way there already.

Which is exactly what another couple – George and Lemon – did this week. Despite spending the entire episode (spanning six months HOD time) bickering over their new shared business venture – Fancies – their history finally got the best of them and they ended up in bed together. With both of their respective love interests being complete failures, it makes sense of the show to go back to a pairing that worked so well before and, without Zoe in the mix this time, maybe those crazy kids can actually make it work? I always kind of liked their dynamic, so this is an interesting development.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see Joel go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.