Suits Season 3 Review “Know When to Fold `Em” – Mike Takes a Huge Gamble

Suits Season 3 Episode 15 Know When to Fold 'Em (4)

In this episode of Suits, called “Know When to Fold `Em,” Mike tries to decide if he should stay a fake lawyer or move on to something else and in the end ends up taking a huge gamble.

I naively thought that we were done with the drama of Mike being a fake lawyer for this season. Once they got Louis to agree to stop poking around, everything calmed down on that front. But then a couple things happened and suddenly that issue was brought up for Mike to deal with again. First he realized that he could never reach the level he wanted to the firm and then he was offered a completely different job where there would be no glass ceiling.

Unable to make up his mind, the first thing Mike did was run to Harvey for advice. It was a move that was expected, as was Harvey’s response. Of course Harvey was going to tell Mike what he would do. Of course he would say it coldly and not offer anything beyond that. Why? Because the thought of losing Mike at the firm would have immediately sent Harvey’s emotions into a place we already know he’s not comfortable going. Sure, he’s been a lot better at dealing with matters of the heart, but I knew that Harvey was going to basically shut down on Mike as soon as the subject was brought up and that’s exactly what he did.

So that left Mike having to make this decision basically on his own and like I said in my review last week, I didn’t blame him for considering it. I knew he’d realize the law was where his joy was, but I didn’t expect him to take things to the level that he did. Now that he’s had Lola hack his name into the bar, it sounds like that could be his downfall. He took a huge risk and now we have to wait until next week’s finale to see if it pays off or if he loses everything.

As for Harvey, he was definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place in this episode. He wanted so badly to tell Scottie what was happening so that he could honor their agreement to be honest, but he just couldn’t do it. I’ve already said how much Scottie has been pissing me off this season and I felt a bit vindicated when Donna told Harvey she seemed to be looking for reasons to be angry at him. Leave it to Donna to take my feelings and verbalize them so perfectly. Now I’m curious to see where that relationship ends up next week.

My favorite bits:

Louis freaking out over actually being nice to someone because it was a sure sign he was truly screwed up in the head.

“My heart has been shattered into a thousand million pieces and if I can’t put my heart into my work then I’m not gonna do any work at all.”

“I couldn’t tell you why. There’s a difference and I’m asking you to trust me.”

Scottie agreeing to trust Harvey. Good for her!

I’m with Scottie. Harvey is sooooo taking Mike on a date. It’s a dude date, but still.

“It’s not a date. He’s never gonna put out.” – Ha!

The look on Harvey’s face when Scottie whispered in something particularly naughty in his ear.

Rachel pointing out that if Harvey couldn’t have a conversation about Mike with his best interests in mind, he wasn’t really a friend. Good point, but I think she’s forgetting the emotions that Harvey will feel if Mike decides to quit.

“I was just thinking I can’t believe you put the mail boy’s name on the wall.” – Ouch.

Harvey totally spotting that James was a gambler.

“You’ll still be in the majors, just in a different sport.” – That was classic Harvey right there. Turning off his emotions so he didn’t have to deal with what was hurting him.

Katrina asking Rachel for help for Louis. I really dug that she was willing to do that, even knowing how much Rachel disliked her.

Donna calling Harvey on the fact that he snapped at Scottie but was really upset about Mike.

Rachel and Katrina calling each other “Louis.”

Harvey casually throwing a pile of money on the table.

The fact that Harvey insisted on calling James “Jimbo.”

Jonathan picking up on the fact that Mike wanted help making up his mind.

“I don’t get lucky. I make my own luck.” – I want that on a t-shirt, like, now.

Dangit, why does Rachel have to be so smart and logical? She had some great points.

“I said I would cover, I didn’t say I would cover when it suited me.” – Wow, I think Katrina just became my new hero.

Donna spotting that Mike had made up his mind about the job. I love that she immediately went into Harvey Protection Mode.

“I’m going to say what he won’t. He needs you.” – There may have been an audible squeak that left me during that line. Just sayin.’

Rachel standing up for Katrina and admitting she helped Louis, too. Really enjoying these two becoming a team.

“My name is Louis Goddamn Marlowe Litt and my firm is under siege, so don’t you tell me what I can and cannot do.” – Wow. Did it get hot in here all of a sudden? *fans self*

Scottie asking Harvey if he ever bothered to tell Mike he wanted him to stay. Um no, that would have required discussing his feelings. Silly Scottie.

Harvey giving the case to Mike as a going-away present.

James begging Mike not to take away his ability to be a lawyer. I wonder if it made Mike contemplate his own feelings about being a lawyer?

“You woke the dragon, Charles. How do you like me now?”

Harvey admitting that keeping Mike’s secret was driving him crazy and he wanted to tell Scottie.

Donna pointing out that Scottie kept finding reasons to be pissed at Harvey. Yes! THANK YOU.

Mike coming back and telling Harvey he went to the bar and he wanted to stay. Oh boy.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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