Parenthood Season 5 “Cold Feet” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 20 Cold Feet (1)

Let’s see. Where to begin with this week’s episode of Parenthood?

Once upon a time, I went to college and I seem to recall not always being in frequent touch with my family once classes started and things got busy. However, I went to college nearly five hours away from home. Based on what we’ve seen, I believe that Drew is going to a local college and somehow his mother is just discovering that he’s been living with his sister (also in the same city) for several weeks now. Come to think about it, I’m guessing Sarah knew nothing about the crazy ex-girlfriend squatting in Drew’s room either. College kids are allowed secrets, so I’m not ready to declare Sarah the worst mother in the world. It just struck me as a little odd, given how close the family is and how close they live to each other. I’d much rather see Sarah spending time with her kids than with Hank.

On the topic of Sarah’s kids, I understand the desire for proper roommate boundaries. I get it. But Drew, if you’ve been gone for weeks, it really shouldn’t surprise or annoy you to find that your roommate has encroached on your side of your tiny, shared room. Also, letting the ex squat for several weeks is way more of an offense than some cashew butter and dirty clothes. Likewise, I don’t think that your roommate sleeping with the girl you ditched while your ex was around ranks very high on the offense list. They’re roommates, not friends – right?

It turns out the roommate isn’t that bad after all and might have the potential to be a good friend to Drew. I loved his beer therapy session, which I hope will help Drew see that he needs to re-engage himself in college life. Moping at Amber’s apartment is not good for him or my television viewing experience.

I’m am SO over Hank. I’m tired of watching his therapy sessions. I understand what the writers are attempting to do by showing Hank’s struggles as an adult as a parallel to Max’s struggles as a teen. My problem is the way the Parenthood writers are using Hank’s relationship/friendship/whatever with Sarah as the lens through which he explores being on the autism spectrum. If I don’t want to see the scenes with Sarah and Hank, it follows that I don’t want to see him talking about it in therapy week after week. There is only one other storyline I hate more . . .

Julia. I can’t even discuss it. I’ve tried to understand her perspective this season, but I just find myself liking her less and less each week. I’m glad she’s helping Kristina and Adam, so there’s that.

The highlight of the episode was Zeek and Camille. After all that arm twisting, globetrotting and pushing Zeek to change, Camille was the one struggling to let go of the home. I love that Zeek comforted Camille and found them a new home with a view that resembled what Camille saw during her trip in Italy. It was the perfect, heartwarming Parenthood moment.

It was also great to see Crosby and Adam making progress with Ashes of Rome. The little tidbit about Oliver’s love of appletinis was pretty funny.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Parenthood? Sound off below! It looks like Ryan will be back next week, which will finally give Amber something to do. I miss her being in the mix each week.