Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Do You Know/You Be Illin” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 18 You Be Illin (1)
Pardon the combined review, fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans. I as on vacation in sunny Jamaica last week and unplugged. This week, I’ll take a look at the last two weeks in the lives of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Do You Know

With Sandra Oh’s departure looming and her Grey’s Anatomy alter ego still in some sort of weird relationship/friendship with Owen despite her impending departure, it was no surprise to see the pair at the focus of last week’s episode.

Divorce, fundamentally different opinions on family life and other obstacles have not been enough to separate Cristina and Owen. As a viewer, it’s hard not to be frustrated that the two continue to be entangled with each other because I know one is leaving and the last I heard, Kevin McKidd had no plans of departing, so no riding off into the sunset for this duo (for now).

A challenging situation with a patient, who had to choose between death and paralysis, forced Cristina to do some serious soul searching. In a choose your own adventure approach, Cristina examined what might happen depending on the patient’s choice. In the death scenario, Cristina embraces her love for Owen, critically hurts Jackson’s hand and we find the Hunt family in a new home, an adopted dog and a new lease on life. You know we’re officially in the Grey’s Anatomy alternate universe when we see a pregnant Cristina being “belly buddies” with Kepner. Unfortunately, this scenario had a grim ending in which Cristina found herself unfulfilled with her life and presenting a Harper Avery award to Shane for the research they initiated together.

In the scenario in which the patient chose paralysis, Jackson still ends up with an injured hand, but Owen and Cristina keep things casual. Of course, casual was never enough for Owen, so he turns to alcohol and ruins his career. Things go much better for Cristina, who finds herself on the receiving end of the Harper Avery award.

Reality was a bit kinder to Owen, Cristina and Jackson. The patient chose death, which prompted Cristina to take a moment to reflect before running to Owen’s side. This gives her the opportunity to prevent Jackson’s hand injury and a consult request from Meredith prevents Cristina from having either of the contemplated interactions with Owen. I can’t say that it was a satisfying ending, but hopefully it was an indication that we’re done wasting our time on this couple.

You Be Illin

As a bit of a germaphobe, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was tough to watch. I’m one of those people who heads directly to the doctor as soon as I have an itch in my throat and tell him in no uncertain terms that I’m getting sick, I have no time to be sick an I’d like something prescription strength right away. And yes, I’m the co-worker who will shoot you a dirty look when you come to work sick, instead of just promptly putting yourself in isolation.

If I were a patient and Murhpy walked into my room looking like death warmed over, I would have demanded that she be dismissed from my case immediately. Woof. Thank goodness for Derek practicing his speech in front of the baby – it was an adorable distraction. And kudos to him for telling Murphy and her germs to get away from him. He gets it.

In the past, I’ve questioned the ethics and practices of the Grey Sloan doctors. My frustration reached a new high this week, as we saw the residents trying to see who could continue treating patients before going home sick. Gross. Seriously, have these people learned nothing from the lawsuits? Murphy threw up in her mouth in the operating room. Derek performed brain surgery while on the verge of fainting!

I’m continuing to warm up to Shane, who seemed to be the only one concerned about making his patients sick. I also enjoyed Dr. Butthole’s surgery set to the tune of Atomic Dog. I also thought Braeden was adorable and I hope they find a bone marrow donor for him. i would be more intrigued by the mystery surrounding Cristina’s patient – if she and Owen weren’t working on it together. Ugh!

What are your thoughts on the last two weeks of Grey’s Anatomy? Sound off below!