The 100 Season 1 Review “Earth Kills”

Alright, I’m not going to say that The 100 is perfect, as it certainly has some flaws it still needs to work out. However, “Earth Kills” has thrown the show into firm appointment viewing for me, if only to see how dark this show plans to get.

The 100 continues to balance all of its different characters really well, with this week giving us some strong moments for our leads. Aside from flashbacks, the Ark didn’t really factor into this episode, allowing it to be all about the kids down on Earth. That said, it’s worth noting that the flashbacks did a good job of showing how brutal like in space actually is, with Clarke’s father seemingly sentenced without a trial. It’s just a claustrophobic environment, which helps to sell the paranoia everyone there is living with.

One complaint I have to make at this point though is that Clarke is veering close Mary Sue territory. So far, she’s yet to make any major mistakes and continues to know exactly what to do on the ground for the good of the 100. Even on the Ark, she seemed like the perfect daughter. I’m not saying she’s not a likable protagonist, but with how dark things are down on the planet, it would help to see more of her vulnerabilities.

I’m confident we’ll get these scenes, though, as the writers were able to successfully flesh out Bellamy this week. In the past two episodes, he’s just been kind of a jerk with delusions of grandeur. Here, we not only got to see him give some legitimate advice, but saw his own weakness. His scenes with Charlotte alone would’ve been enough to soften the guy, but that final scene with Adam showed that he isn’t as tough and unflinching as he wants the group to believe.

And then there was Charlotte herself, who ended the episode on a major jaw-dropping moment. Now, I think it was a bummer to see Wells killed so early on, especially as he finally developing out of his stick-in-the-mud role. However, I like when a show proves that nobody is safe, and having the threat come from within makes for great drama. I’m already looking forward to next week and seeing how the group reacts to this murder.

Also, in even better news, Goggles has recovered, and will continue to be awesome in future episodes!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!