Twisted Season 1 Review “A Tale of Two Confessions’

Twisted (2)

And the prize for most unintentionally hilarious episode of TV goes to…! This season (possibly series?!) finale episode of Twisted, ‘A Tale of Two Confessions’ probably didn’t mean to make us laugh, but the sheer amount of ridiculous reveals in those final minutes pushed things a little too far into soap opera territory for me. I half expected Rico to burst in saying, “And I killed Regina – who was also my sister!” but, alas, the fact that Charlie’s mother was killed by Vikram, Charlie’s mother was Aunt Tara and, then, Charlie is actually Tess’ lost child was enough for even the hungriest of teen mystery fans to be getting on with.

The title of the episode held true with Danny and Jo, who both came clean to Kyle at the beginning but, now that so much new information has come to light, does the fact that Danny pushed his father off a cliff really matter anymore? There’s no evidence to support his version of events, after all, and his confession has thrown enough doubt on Jack to get him freed. Oh, and let’s not forget that additional twist of Jack, Whitney and Charlie all being in on the cover-up together. We don’t know much about this yet, of course, but we hear that the whole plot was just to get Jack and Whitney into the Desai house.

This bothers me, as does the ludicrously fast decline of Charlie’s mental state, since the brilliant thing about Twisted season 1a was the fact that Danny was perceived as a sociopath in a relatively normal, closed-minded town. This isn’t Pretty Little Liars, where absolutely everyone is capable of murder and deception, and the thing I loved about the show was how it brought the camp teen mystery show back to some semblance of reality, and now that has been completely lost. I guess I should just readjust my expectations and enjoy it for the soapy fun it now has to offer, but it’s still disappointing.

I did, however, appreciate the show bringing the murder of Aunt Tara back into play, as there was a worry it had been forgotten about in light of Vikram’s unfortunate tumble, and Charlie’s tie to the Desai’s and the Masterson’s (which, BTW, I called way back when) adds another welcome wrinkle to the series’ mystery. Did Vikram kill Tara because of something to do with Charlie and his secret? Why didn’t Danny know about Charlie, given the fact they would have grown up as cousins? There are still a lot of questions and, if the show is renewed against the odds, I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the writers dig themselves out of this.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think there were too many twists or not enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.