Survivor: Season 28 Review “Head of the Snake”

Wow! That was awesome! I’m still smiling from ear to ear, and my heart is pounding!

Survivor returned tonight with “Head of the Snake”, as the two tribes finally merge into one. With six members in the old Aparri tribe, it would appear that they had a clear advantage over the Solana tribe that consists of only five members. However, both LJ and Tony from the smaller tribe have a hidden immunity idol.

The two tribes merged and decided on the very unoriginal name Solarrion. Wow, what a brainstorm there, guys! The big news here is that there’s a new hidden idol out there with “special powers”. What do you guys think that means? Does it cover two people from elimination? Could it possibly count as two votes? Possibly it’s an idol that automatically kicks in and saves you without you having to play it? I’m not sure, but I’m really interested to see what that could be.

So the six old Aparri members kept going on and on about how they’re so confident that they’ll be the final six, and you just knew that it wouldn’t last long. It seemed like Sarah starts to freak out about Cass the second they were done chewing that merger feast. I really didn’t understand where all of her confidence came from all of a sudden. She keeps talking about how she’s the odd man out of both groups of five, but that could be true of anybody! Anyone from the old Aparri could decide to jump ship, which we quickly realized with Cass. Sarah also looked pretty darn silly tonight with all of her talk about how she’s positive that neither Tony nor LJ have the idol. Well, you would be right Sarah, if you weren’t totally wrong on both counts.

The rest of the last minute scrambling was pretty bonkers, but the tribal was one of the craziest tribals that we’ve seen in a while! I can’t remember a tribal with more misdirects than this one, and it had me guessing the whole time! At first you thought it would go Solana’s way, when both LJ and Tony played their hidden immunity idols. Then you thought it was going Aparri’s way when you found out that “the other one” was Jefra, and then it switched right back when you find out that Chaos Kass herself actually flipped and took out Sarah. I was getting whiplash, man! This was truly a huge moment for Kass, but I don’t know how far this will get her. She’s now at the bottom of the Solana totem pole, having no relationship with anybody over there. If she does somehow manage to get to the end of the game, she will have a huge power play moment on her resume that is sure to impress any member of the jury. As Spencer noted, though, she does have a very small chance of winning this game. Chaos Kass is going to have to stay strong for a long time to make it to the end.

Random Thoughts:

– I love that the Survivor cameramen usually find symbolic animals or critters to show that fit in to what’s happening in the show. This time we saw that slimy insect and lizard crawling down a branch. Same thing with seeing all of those sharks in the water before seeing Sarah snapping at all of the members of her alliance.

– This week’s winner in Morgan’s cleavage watch: Yoga time! Honorable mention goes to the gratuitous zoom-ins during the immunity challenge.

– How was Woo allowed to wear water shoes during that balancing challenge?! That seems like an unfair advantage to me! Wouldn’t he have way more traction? That win needs an asterisk, in my opinion.