Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Most Likely To…”


This was a surprisingly light and fun episode of Person of Interest. We get an interesting, fluffy intrigue involving a prosecutor who the machine identifies, combined with the bigger mythology of Vigilance and the machine.

We start with Reese and Shaw on a stake out of a government worker who is in danger. Before they can help her, she falls victim to a Vigilante suicide bomber. My favorite part of this scene is when the bomber’s phone manages to fly from the explosion and land relatively unscathed at Reese and Shaw’s feet. I also liked this scene because Shaw looks awesome with her hair fixed.

Before they can get too depressed about the turn of events, Finch sends Shaw and Reese to Westchester to protect Matthew Reed, played by the fabulous Nestor Carbonell. Finch fails to mention that Reed is going home to attend his high school reunion. This set up was fabulous. By far the best moment is when Reese and Shaw look at their alter egos’ yearbook photos. Shaw’s double is a massively awkward girl with braces and rat-nest hair.

Shaw and Reese waste no time mixing in with the locals. Reed has eyes for Shaw, which makes it a lot easier for her to interact with him. I really liked their chemistry. Shaw keeps close and commandeers the hotel room next to his. The hotel is booked, though, which means Shaw gets Reese for a bunkmate. The scene of the two of them unloading their suitcases on the bed was hilarious. I liked that there was no sexual tension between them. It’s like they are brother and sister.

Things escalate at the reunion. Reed was once thought to have killed his high school girlfriend, and someone keeps bringing this up at the reunion through twisted gags. This isn’t their only problem. Reese learns that there is another reunion crasher. Reese confronts “Phil” in the kitchen and learns that he is from Vigilance and has been sent there to scope out Shaw and Reese. The best part of the fight between them is when Reese takes the guy out with a can of Sloppy Joe mix.

While Reese and Shaw are on assignment, Finch teams up with Fusco to find the bombing victim’s files. Fusco and Finch give us some more great comedic moments. It is hilarious when Fusco tells Finch he has a per diem of $80 for lodging and recommends a motel he knows. He forgets he’s talking to a billionaire. Finch seriously upgrades their hotel and Fusco is happy as a pig in mud.

Their mission doesn’t go well. Vigilance manages to swoop in and steal the bombing victim’s files right out of Finch’s hands. What is concerning is that Vigilance knows a lot about Finch and the Machine. Vigilance has a bigger target, fortunately.

Diane Claypool and a Senator are concerned that the information about Northern Lights will leak to the public. Once Vigilance gets ahold of the data, that’s exactly what happens. Much like the Snowden scandal, Vigilance releases to the public information that the government is tracking its citizens’ every move. In response, the Senator tells Claypool to shut down Northern Lights. That creates a whole new paradigm for the machine and some kind of reboot on Root.

This was a nice, light-hearted episode that did a great job balancing fun and action. I kind of want Reed to make another appearance at some point to romance Shaw.

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